Zoom Room Controller Features

Zoom Rooms must be associated with a controller.

The following devices can be controllers.

  • iPad
  • Android tablet
  • Crestron Mercury (same function as Android tablet)
  • Windows 10 tablet

Exception: Exception because the Zoom Room

touch screen for Touch has a built-in controller function.

The Zoom Room for Touch works with or without a controller.
However, we recommend that Zoom be paired with the control for full functionality.

Zoom Rooms app works on your device

device Version etc
Apple iPad, iPad Pro, iPad Mini iOS version 7.0 or later
Android tablet Version 4.0 or later
Windows tablet Version 10.0.14393 or later
Crestron Mercury

We recommend using a device with a screen size of 7 inches or more

Download the app

  • Download the Zoom Rooms app for iPad from the Apple Store.
  • Download the Zoom Rooms app for Android from the Zoom download page or the Google Play store.
  • For Crestron Mercury, no download is required.
  • Download the Zoom Rooms Windows Controller from the Microsoft Store .

Controller function

Note: The Zoom Rooms schedule display is only available on iPad. The Zoom Rooms software for Android and Windows controllers does not support scheduling displays.

function iPad Android Windows
Meet now
Ability to meet now, to meet selected participants for a specified period of time Moth Moth Moth
Contact list display for meeting rooms and participants (with presence indicator) Moth Moth Moth
Meeting list
Display today’s meeting list Moth Moth Moth
Start a scheduled meeting Moth Moth Moth
Next meeting alert Moth Moth Moth
Join a meeting or webinar using a meeting ID Moth Moth Moth
Use voice command Moth
Sharing with HDMI Moth Moth Moth
Share on Airplay Moth Moth Moth
Share directly using shared key Moth Moth Moth
Start a meeting during a screen sharing session Moth Moth Moth
Set the duration of the screen sharing session Moth Moth Moth
Optimize full screen video sharing Moth Moth Moth
Start a call during a screen sharing session Moth Moth
Sharing Directly with Proximity Detection
Note: Proximity sharing with the Android Zoom Room controller is supported with Galaxy Tab A 8 inch and 10.1 inch.
Moth  Moth Moth
Dial out using the keypad Moth Moth Moth
Switch from a call to a full Zoom video meeting Moth Moth Moth
Display call history Moth Moth Moth
Display a list of countries to call out Moth Moth Moth
Control during a meeting
Mute / unmute room microphone Moth Moth Moth
Show / Hide Local Video Moth Moth Moth
Change video layoutChoose whether the thumbnail (for iPad and Android) is a gallery or an active speaker Moth Moth Moth
Switch to another camera in the list (for iPad and Android) or use all available cameras in order (for Windows) Moth Moth Moth
Allow remote control (Zoom client controls Zoom Room camera) Moth Moth Moth
Enable camera mirror effect Moth Moth Moth
Control the meeting volume Moth Moth Moth
Host another participant Moth Moth Moth
Remove participants from the meeting Moth Moth Moth
Allow attendees to record meetings Moth Moth Moth
Pin the participant’s video Moth Moth
Spotlight the participants Moth Moth
Move and resize video on screen during screen sharing (available only in the single screen Zoom Room) Moth Moth
Record meetings in the cloud Moth Moth Moth
Mute participants when entering a room Moth  Moth Moth
Request participants to start the video Moth  Moth Moth
Stop the participant’s video Moth  Moth Moth
Apply or Re-Apply Host Control for a Meeting Moth
Display subtitle text Moth  Moth
Device setting
Choose a microphone Moth Moth Moth
Choose a speaker Moth Moth Moth
Select a camera Moth Moth Moth
Lock settings Moth Moth Moth
Support multiple MXL USB microphones Moth  Moth
Switch to the schedule creation display Moth
CEC TV power on / off Moth  Moth
Reduce excessive echoes Moth  Moth Moth
Web setting
Convert all meetings to private Moth Moth Moth
Hide Host and Meeting ID in Private Meeting Moth Moth Moth
Choose default call-in country Moth Moth Moth
Display the experience feedback survey after the meeting ends Moth Moth
Specify phone only in audio Moth
Specify third-party audio Moth
Specify the controller (CEC) operation time Moth


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