Deliver the Right Care and Communication the First Time with Zoom Contact Center

There is no one who enjoys waiting when it comes to their health. Wait times are one of the most important factors affecting patients’ positive experiences with healthcare providers. To deliver an effective, personalized, and comprehensive patient experience, healthcare teams need the latest technology that can assist in streamline the process of patient care and create a higher level of patient satisfaction throughout the process of providing care.

Meet Zoom Contact Center 

Healthcare providers along with their patients will now be able to receive face-to-face personalized care from Zoom Contact Center via a contact center as a service (CCaaS) that enables patients to get the care they need on their terms. It is our intention to provide our patients with a secure, omnichannel solution that will allow them to reach us in whatever way suits them best – whether it be over video, voice, web chat, or SMS, whatever method works best for them. In order to provide healthcare teams with prompt, accurate, and highly personalized customer service, Zoom Contact Center provides the tools to combine unified communications with a highly personalized customer experience, enabling healthcare teams to provide prompt, accurate, and highly personalized customer service.

A solution built for telehealth  

In 2022, telehealth will continue to be prevalent, with a high percentage of patients opting to receive health care via telehealth, which may have accelerated during the pandemic but it remains prevalent in 2022. In this regard, it is important to note that not all call centers are equipped to handle these changes, since traditional call centers are usually set up with on-premises infrastructure that requires an investment in upgrading and can only support the needs of agents who are onsite. In addition to being cloud-based and scalable, our contact center is designed to meet the patient’s individual needs wherever they may be in the world.

Moreover, Zoom Contact Center is video optimized to ensure a frictionless, high-level experience between healthcare providers and patients so that the patient does not have to sacrifice the personal, face-to-face experience they would have inside a provider’s office. In addition, since our cloud-based contact center is built on the familiar Zoom unified communications platform, patients will be able to communicate with clinicians more easily and work faster towards early intervention by using our cloud-based center.

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Intelligent features deliver the right point of care 

By bringing together a state-of-the-art care platform with a powerful customer support system, Zoom provides a simple and intuitive solution for call queues and routing. The healthcare industries are moving towards the adoption of automated workflows and intelligent skills-based routing through the implementation of virtual agents and customizable routing profiles that will streamline the process of managing patient queues, call transfers, televisits, and patient prioritizations in order to meet the clinical needs of their patients. In order to assure that patients receive the appropriate care, the right personnel can now be matched with them quickly and efficiently. Our analytic dashboards and real-time call queue data can also assist managers and supervisors in monitoring employee performance and prioritizing calls so as to improve the level of service provided to customers.

A total healthcare communications solution

It is important to understand that healthcare is not only limited to doctor’s offices or home visits from doctors. As a result, we developed a contact center solution to help companies simplify their call center operations and streamline their clinical workflows across a wide range of industries in order to enhance customer service and reduce waste.

There are a number of things you can do with Zoom Contact Center:

Providers of healthcare services and hospitals

  • Urgent care

  • Care navigation

  • Hospital at home

  • Home health

  • Translations and localizations in the medical field

  • Administration and implementation of healthcare programs and services

Life Sciences

  • Drug programs

  • Inquiries from physicians (clinical information) can be accessed via the following lines:

  • An overview of the situation

  • Support services, information support for trial drugs (clinical trials)

Serve the entire patient journey 

This objective can be achieved by assisting health care providers to engage their patients at all stages of their journey, so that they are able to establish long-term relationships based on a mutual respect between health care providers and their clients. A number of services are offered by Zoom Contact Center, including:

  • Flexible care from anywhere

    • Allow your patients to connect with you from wherever they choose to be – from wherever they are online, from wherever they choose to be.

  • A better way to wait 

    • If your patients are waiting in the waiting room, they can enjoy an immersive waiting room experience which enables them to view relevant content such as vaccine information or appointment reminders while they wait. A patient can request a callback if he or she feels that wait times are not optimal.

  • The personal touch

    • In addition to the navigator’s role in the organization, he or she can easily collaborate with internal experts across the organization at the convenience of their desktop from wherever they are located in the organization. In the Zoom client, medical staff can see a patient’s contact history and initiate video discussions directly from the client itself on behalf of the patient. As a result, healthcare teams are able to have an empathetic, personal conversation with patients, which ultimately makes it easier for them to achieve first contact resolution and above average customer satisfaction.

  • Secure and private service

    • In addition to protecting patients and providers by providing a secure solution, Zoom Contact Center also assists providers in ensuring they meet all their HIPAA compliance requirements. Additionally, our platform has intuitive meeting controls and advanced settings that allow you to control how your meeting proceeds while safeguarding sensitive data.

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Level up your customer service

Looking for some tips and tricks for improving the quality of your clinical care customer service operations that will help increase patient satisfaction and help your customer service team to provide better care to your patients? Get in touch with us today to learn more about Zoom Contact Center and how it can help you.


How do I manage Contact Center in zoom?

Enter your login information into the Zoom online interface.To access the Users page, select Contact Center Management from the menu bar’s navigation. You can search for, or filter, users by using the following options. In this box, you can input keywords to search through the users of the contact center.

What is the zoom Contact Center?

Zoom Contact Center is an omnichannel contact center that is incorporated into the same Zoom experience and is optimized for video communication. Zoom Contact Center integrates unified communications and functions often found in contact centers into a single platform.

How do you set up a Zoom call step by step?

The following are some fundamental guidelines to follow while organizing your first meeting.

  1. Log in to the web portal for your Zoom account.
  2. Click on the Meetings tab.
  3. Simply click the Meeting Scheduling button.
  4. Make your selections for the meeting’s date and time now.
  5. (Optional) Choose any other configuration options that you would like to use.
  6. Select the Save option.

What is Zoom Center stage?

By utilizing Apple’s newly introduced Center Stage function in Zoom, a person who has their video playing will have it follow them around the space in front of their iPad even as they move around. This results in a video experience that is both more dynamic and entertaining, and it also eliminates the need for you to move your iPad in order to remain in the center of the video.

What is Zoom main purpose?

Zoom is a platform for communications that enables users to engage with one another through video, audio, phone, and text chat. To use Zoom, you need to have both an internet connection and a device that is supported. The vast majority of first-time users should begin by registering for a Zoom account and installing the Zoom Client for Meetings.

Who was Zoom first customer?

Stanford University
A beta version of Zoom was made available in September 2012, and it had the capacity to organize conferences with up to 15 video participants. In November of 2012, the company landed its first customer when Stanford University became a member of the fold.