How to Configure Meeting Connector for domain name in Zoom App

Setting up Meeting Connector according to a domain name

Using Meeting Connector will require editing the configuration file on the server itself since the IP address will need to be changed to a Domain Name instead.

The configuration of Meeting Connector for a domain name

  1. Navigate to the /opt/zoom/conf directory.
  2. Change the following lines in ssb.cfg and save the file
    • [MMR] EIP = x.x.x.49
      LISTEN_COUNT = 3
      LISTEN_0 = pkg|tcp://x.x.x.49:8801,pkg|tcp://[DOMAIN]:8801
      LISTEN_1 = pkg|udp://x.x.x.49:8801,pkg|udp://[DOMAIN]:8801
      ZC = PKG|TCP://x.x.x.48:8802,
      LISTEN_2 = pkg|ssl://x.x.x.49:443,pkg|ssl://[DOMAIN]:443
    • [ZC] EIP = x.x.x.48
      LISTEN_COUNT = 2
      LISTEN_0 = pkgtcp://,pkg|tcp://[DOMAIN]:8802
      LISTEN_1 = pkg|ssl://x.x.x.48:443,pkg|ssl://[DOMAIN]:443