How to display my zoom meeting duration (connection time)

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The option to display the clock on the meeting or webinar screen lets you see how long it has been since you joined the meeting.


Windows | Mac

  • Click on the profile image and click Settings.

  • Check the Show Connection Time option.

When this setting is enabled, the clock display in the meeting window is enabled each time you start a meeting or webinar, and it shows how long it has been since you joined the meeting. The time that the clock shows depends on when the meeting participants joined.

The clock is usually displayed in the upper right corner of the meeting screen. However, when you share the screen, a clock appears below the host control.


  • Tap Settings in the Zoom application.
  • Tap [ Meeting] .


  • Switch on Show Connection Times.

If you have not shared the screen, the connected time will be displayed under the meeting ID.


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