Failed to upgrade the Zoom App – Know How can I upgrade the app?

If you fail to upgrade the Zoom desktop client ( app), uninstall the app and install the app from the Download Center to use the latest version of the app. If the version upgrade is not successful due to some problem, use the uninstall tool to uninstall the app, and then install the Zoom app again. In this article, I will explain how to upgrade using the uninstall tool “Clean Zoom”.


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How to Uninstall Zoom using CleanZoom

  1. Go to Bulk Windows Installation and Configuration and scroll down.
  2. Download ” CleanZoom.exe (800 KB) “.
  3. Run “CleanZoom.exe” to uninstall the Zoom app.


Note: All Zoom configuration information in the device will be deleted. Even if Outlook plug-in etc. is installed, it will be deleted.


How to reinstall Zoom

  1. Confirm that the Zoom app has been uninstalled in “Uninstall Zoom using Clean Zoom”.
  2.  Go to the Download Center to download and install the “Zoom Client for Meetings”.
    Reference article: How to install the application (PC version) , how to install it on Mac



Zoom Update Not Working? Here’s How to Properly Update it

As a video conferencing tool, Zoom is without a doubt one of the most reliable tools out there. Connecting with people through videoconferencing is really easy with Zoom’s desktop client. Zoom is a great tool without a doubt. When it suddenly stops working or freezes or crashes randomly all the time, it can seem like a nightmare. You need not worry, I am here to tell you. I only have a small inconvenience, so the problem is not that big. There are times when even the best apps fail to work for you. If the whole ruckus is caused by a corrupted file, for example, or something else, then the app might have run into a problem while updating. You can easily resolve this problem by reinstalling the Zoom client on your computer. It is necessary to uninstall the current desktop application on your PC before you can install the new one. On Windows, you have a few options when it comes to uninstalling an app, but the easiest is to use the settings dialog box from the control panel. Open your system settings either from the start menu or by using the keyboard shortcut Windows key + i and go to ‘Apps’ setting.

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You will see a list of all the apps you have installed. Click on Zoom in the list of options and you will be taken to its page. Using the expanded options, select ‘Uninstall’ from the list of options to remove the app from your computer.

Once Zoom has been uninstalled, go to the Zoom Download Center to download and reinstall the latest version of the Zoom app. After Zoom has been uninstalled, switch back to using the app.

As soon as the app starts working normally again, you should be able to use it.

Often, it is the case that an app stops working due to some problem that was encountered during the installation of the app or during its auto-updating process, which can be quite frustrating. If you want to solve this problem, you need to get rid of the app itself Reinstalling it is the easiest and most straightforward way to solve this problem.t.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Android devices

Go to Google Play and open the app. Select ‘My apps & games’ from the menu icon. Using Zoom Cloud Meetings, tap ‘Update’.

My Zoom meeting time limit has been set to 40 minutes, and I am being asked to upgrade. What should I do? Zoom users with Basic (free) accounts will have more time during COVID-19 response. Zoom has the discretion to change this, and Mason cannot change it.
Four Zoom plans are available – the free basic plan, $14.99 pro plan, $19.99 business plan, and $19.99 enterprise plan.
To upgrade Zoom Rooms for all users in the account:
  1. You will need to sign in as an administrator with editing privileges to the Zoom web portal.
  2. Zoom Rooms can be found in the Room Management section of the navigation panel.
  3. Go to the Devices tab.
  4. Upgrade Zoom Rooms by clicking on it.
  5. Confirm the upgrade by clicking Upgrade.
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During a Zoom meeting, you can install an update. To make sure the update works for the meeting you are in, you will need to exit and re-join it.
In the top right corner of the App Store screen, tap on the profile icon. Simply tap Update beside Zoom’s icon under the Available Updates option or Upcoming Automatic Updates, then scroll down to find Zoom. It will update your iPad/iPhone to the latest version.
Zoom must be uninstalled and then downloaded and reinstalled from the Zoom Download Center after it has been uninstalled. You should now be able to use the app without any problems. Many apps stop working for some reason during the installation or auto-update process. This is quite common.
Zoom desktop client (app) needs to be uninstalled, then reinstalled from the Download Center if it cannot be updated. Uninstall the Zoom app using the uninstall tool if the upgrade wasn’t successful, and then reinstall it using the uninstall tool.

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