Introducing on-premises for Zoom App

Business meeting connector

What is a Zoom Meeting Connector?

  • Meeting Connectors allow account owners or administrators to set up a free Virtual Zoom Communication System (VM) within the company’s network.
  • Meeting traffic passes through your meeting connector.
  • Share video, audio, and content sharing data on a private cloud.
  • Management functions can be performed with Zoom Cloud.

How do I use the Zoom meeting connector?

  • Meeting connectors are free, and pay plans such as business and education can be used free of charge.
  • If you have to use the start of a paid plan, meeting connector to the access to, [ to enable a meeting connector and click. You can download OVF / VMDK.
  • Required number of licenses: Business license 10 or more or Education (education) license 20 or more

Virtual software installation

  • Meeting Connector is free and you can download the OVF / VMDK from Enable Meeting Connector.
  • It can be installed on any virtual device.
  • Required number of licenses : 10 or more business licenses or 20 or more education (education) licenses


  • Setting up the meeting connector takes only a few minutes.
  • You can adjust the capacity easily at any time by adding VM.
  • Take advantage of H.323 / SIP system connectors, webinars, and cloud recordings.

Distributed architecture

  • The deployment of the meeting connector can be expanded globally.
  • You can achieve high reliability with failover and load balancing mechanisms.
  • There is instant global service backup by Zoom.

Monitoring and reporting

  • You can use dashboards to view reports on the usage of current and existing meetings.