July 2021: IM Dashboard enhancements in Zoom App

The Zoom Group Messaging product, Zoom Chat, will be introducing a new report tool, the IM Dashboard, on July 1st, which will allow account administrators and owners to have an overview of their account’s usage metrics, on an account-by-account basis, for Zoom Chat. Having now grown and evolved to be one of our most popular products, we are changing how we measure and display information about Zoom Chat usage in our dashboard as our product and user base continues to grow and evolve. As a result, the new Dashboard results will be based on more accurate and granular usage metrics, in addition to an updated dashboard interface. This will improve the accuracy and granularity of the Dashboard results in the future.

An overview of the enhancements is provided in this article.

In this article, we will discuss the following topics:

  • Dashboard UI enhancements
  • New metrics
  • Metric enhancements
  • Other UI enhancements

Dashboard UI enhancements

  • In the Zoom Dashboard, the IM tab has been renamed to Zoom Chat
  • Groups have been renamed to Channels & Group Chats in the Group column
  • The Voice column is being renamed to the Audio column

New metrics

  • I have sent animated GIFs (Giphys) to you
  • Code snippets have been sent to you
  • At an account level, the total number of 1-on-1 messages that have been sent
  • A message that is only composed of text and does not contain any attachments

Metric enhancements

  • I have extended the definition of what is a file sent so that it includes both files that are sent locally and files that are sent using file sharing integrations (Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and Microsoft SharePoint)
  • Extending the definition of an image sent to include the following image formats: a PNG image, a JPG image, and a screen capture image
  • RemovingĀ the metrics associated with Received Messages from the dashboard
  • Metrics for the use of emojis are being removed
  • Metrics for Calls will now be included in usage reports instead of call metrics
  • Enhancing Zoom’s measurement of chat usage metrics in order to make them more accurate
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Other UI enhancements