Mac Log Troubleshooting in Zoom App

The Zoom troubleshooting package contains log files to help Zoom engineers investigate problems. After reproducing the problem, these files need to be sent to the Zoom Support Agent using an existing ticket. In the troubleshooting version, Zoom support on the computer is not available and you do not have access to engineering.


  1. Download the installation package from the link provided by the support team.
  2. Double click to start the installation.
  3. Log in to your new Mac client. Please ignore it if prompted to update.
  4. Reproduce the problem.
  5. [ Opening a log file] or click, App> / Library / Logs> Zoom.Us choose.
  6. Compress the latest log file in zip format and use a ticket to name the file.
    Example: ticket zip or
  7. Send the zipped log or upload it to the drop box and send the link.
  8. After sending the log, uninstall this troubleshooting version of Zoom and reinstall it from the Download Center .

Search log folder

If you do not have the option  to Open Log Folder, you can search and manually zip the file.

  1. Open [Finder] .
  2. Click [Move] at the top of the screen .
  3. Press the option / alt key to display the library folder .
  4. Open the Logs folder.
  1. The folder Ctrl key + click or, right-click and then.
  2.  Select Compress “” .
  1. Send this zip file to the support ticket.

For more information on this article, see TROUBLESHOOTING LOG FOR MAC .