Frequently asked questions for Zoom admins


I thought I would share some answers to a couple of the most common questions or issues account owners and administrators ask about managing Zoom accounts. Our website also contains frequently asked questions for users, a user quick start guide, and weekly trainings to guide you and your users to a successful beginning with Zoom.

Read common questions about:

  • Your Zoom account can be set up in just a few steps
  • Using Zoom’s features
  • To manage the Zoom client
  • Account management
  • Payments

Getting started with your Zoom account


How can I add a user?


Individual users can be added using Single Sign-On (SSO), by attaching a CSV, or by uploading groups of users at the same time.


I only purchased 5 Zoom licenses. Does that mean I can only have 5 Zoom users?


Five licensed Zoom users can be added to your account when you purchase five Zoom licenses. Your Zoom account can accommodate up to 9999 Basic (free) users in addition to your Licensed users.


What is the difference between a basic and a licensed user?


It is possible to host meetings for up to 100 people with a basic account. The meeting will end after 40 minutes if 3 or more participants join. As a result of this, users cannot take advantage of features like large meetings, webinars, audio conferencing, and conference room connectors which are offered by both users and accounts. The licensed user is a subscriber with an active account who has unlimited access to meetings without being limited to 40 minutes. There is an option for large meetings which will be able to accommodate up to 100 participants, but large meeting licenses can be obtained for extra capacity as well. In addition to the regular features that come with the subscription, licensed users have access to additional features, such as cloud recordings, a possibility to set up their own Personal Meeting ID, etc.


How do I assign licenses to users?


You can assign licenses to users in User Management after purchasing them on the Billing page.


Can I use single sign on (SSO) with Zoom?


With Zoom’s just-in-time provisioning, you can log in and add users using your IDP.

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How can I automatically add users to my account?


By adding an associated domain, users can be added automatically to Business, Education, and Enterprise accounts.


How do I use my existing phone numbers with Zoom Phone?


It is necessary to port your existing phone number to Zoom Phone in order to use it with Zoom Phone. It is easy to get the number ported to Zoom from your previous provider by contacting Zoom Phone customer support. The ported numbers can now be assigned to users once the porting process is complete.


How do I assign Zoom Phone licenses to users?


Within the Zoom account of your organization, you can assign licenses and calling plans for Zoom Phones to the users. An extension number will be assigned to a user when they are assigned a Zoom Phone license. As well as the notification of adding a contact to Zoom Phone, users will receive an email notifying them of that addition.


How can we brand our Zoom account?


With Business, Education, Enterprise, and API plans, it is possible to set up a custom landing page for users that will appear in join links as well as the login page, for example


Managing available features


How can I disable settings for specific users?

Through your account settings, you can control whether all users on your account have their settings disabled, or you can set up groups and control which users have their settings disabled. Users won’t be able to enable a setting if it has been disabled and locked at the level of the group or account.


Can I restrict who joins meetings on my account?


Setting up authentication profiles will allow you to restrict who can join your meetings and webinars.


How do I restrict who my users can chat with?


With the help of IM groups, your users can restrict who they can chat with.


How can I customize which dial in numbers appear in our meeting invitations?


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To access the global dial-in numbers, you can edit the account or group settings to choose which phone numbers have been identified as global dial-in numbers. The audioconferencing plan, on the other hand, allows you to add toll-free and toll numbers for countries other than the United States.


Managing the Zoom client


How can I manage the Zoom client for my users?


In Windows, Zoom can be installed using a MSI file, a registry key, or a group policy document. If you have a Mac, you can deploy multiple products through the use of a PLIS file. If you manage Chrome OS devices, you can manage them using the Google Admin console.


Do you have a virtual desktop solution?


In fact, Zoom has developed a VDI solution that allows you to create virtual desktops on any computer.


Managing my account


Can I add others to help me manage my account?


The account holder may add administrators as well as users who have custom roles as well as help them manage the Zoom account.


How do I manage my users’ passwords?


It is possible to set the minimum password requirements in Zoom’s Security section of the web portal. It is possible to lock a user’s account if they attempt to log into it more than once and enter the wrong password, and you can also change the user’s password at the same time.


How do I change the account owner?


Owners of accounts can transfer ownership of their accounts to admins who will manage the accounts. It is possible for an admin of a Pro account to be appointed owner if the owner is unavailable.


Our company/school has another Zoom account. How can we share contacts?


As a member of an organization, you have the option of linking multiple Zoom accounts.


How can I remove a user?


A user can be removed, deactivated, or unlinked from Zoom’s web portal by going to the user’s profile page.




How do I upgrade my existing plan?


Zoom’s online web portal makes it easy to upgrade from a business account to a pro account. Additional add-ons can also be purchased. Zoom sales can assist you with adding licenses to your Enterprise account if you need them.

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How do I change from monthly to annual or annual to monthly payments?


By visiting the Billing page of Zoom’s web portal, you have the ability to change the frequency of your payments.


How do I cancel my Zoom account?


By visiting the Billing page of the Zoom website it is possible to cancel your Zoom account.

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