How to Check or Use operation log in Zoom App

Zoom Account owners and other specific users can use the operation log to see the changes that administrators have made in their accounts. This includes changes to account management, user management, billing, and other advanced settings.

Note: Changes made by users (including owners and administrators) to their personal settings will not be reflected in the operation log.


  • Professional, business, education, or enterprise plans


  • Sign in to the Zoom web portal.
  • Account Management ] Click the, [ the report ]   and click.
  • User Activity Report ] from by clicking on the, [ Operation Log ] Click.

Enter a date range. If necessary, you can select a category to show only specific events.

  • Click [ Search ] .
  • The date and time of the administrator’s operation, the administrator who performed the operation, the action category, and detailed information about the action are listed.


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