SCIM attributes for provisioning phone users In Zoom App

Using Zoom with Okta, you can allow users to log into their accounts via SSO using their company’s Okta credentials. It is possible for you to create and update phone users via Zoom Phone SCIM attributes as part of the configuration process.

Prerequisites for using SCIM attributes to provision phone users

  • Ownership or administrative privileges in Zoom
  • Business and Education accounts with a vanity URL approved by Zoom
  • That are single sign-on compatible
  • With OKTA admin privileges


Attribute Description
The user’s Zoom Phone extension number. If you want the extension number to be automatically assigned, set the value of this field to 0.
The display name of the site to assign the phone user to.
The Zoom Calling Plan to assign to the user. This should be a value from the Zoom Phone Calling Plans table on the Zoom Marketplace site.

For example, to assign the Zoom Phone Pro calling plan, assign value 3000.

The phone number that should be assigned to this user. This number should be unassigned.