Using Zoom for Microsoft Teams

Using Zoom for Microsoft Teams

In the case of Microsoft Teams, this integration enables users to start a Zoom chat, Zoom Meeting, and Zoom Phone from inside the Teams interface and take advantage of all of the features offered by Zoom. In Microsoft Teams, the integration appears as follows:

  • A Zoom tab
  • A Zoom Messaging Extension
  • A Zoom Phone tab
  • A Zoom Meetings bot

Note: This technique is not supported for Microsoft Teams within the Microsoft 365 Government Global Customer Community.

Prerequisites for Microsoft Teams

  • An account for Microsoft Teams would be helpful
  • As would a Zoom phone plan with a Zoom account (Zoom Phone integration).
  • Alternatively, you can log in to your Google account or a Zoom email account.
  • In addition, the Zoom App Marketplace has been approved to integrate with Microsoft Teams.
  • An administrator must either configure phone numbers in Azure Active Directory or Zoom Phones before they can access any of these services

How to add the Microsoft Teams integration from the Zoom Marketplace

  1. Log in with your Zoom account in order to access the Zoom App Marketplace.
  2. You can find the Microsoft Teams app by entering the search box on the top right of your screen.
  3. You will see the Microsoft Teams app appear in your search results. Click on it to open the app.
  4. After you have opened the app, click the Add button next to it.
  5. Once you have verified that the app requires the permissions it needs, click Authorize.
    A Microsoft Teams portal will be opened up for you to log in to.
  6. You will be able to add members to your team by clicking on the Add button in your Microsoft Teams account.
  7. For the Zoom Meetings integration, you will need to specify the name of the Zoom Meetings channel or team.
  8. Click the Bot Setup button to make the integration work.
    The channel will appear when the integration is complete.
  9. Click here to see the steps involved in integrating Microsoft Teams with Microsoft Teams.

How to configure Microsoft Teams on the Zoom App Marketplace

In order to integrate the following features, the following steps need to be followed:

Allow app to read Outlook contacts list

Microsoft Teams administrators must set permissions for Members to use the app to access the Outlook contacts list, so that they will be able to access the contacts list with the app.

  1. You must log into the Zoom App Marketplace as the Zoom account administrator in order to access the Zoom App Marketplace.
  2. Go to the Manage section of the Zoom App Marketplace.
  3. Select Microsoft Teams from the list and select Configure from the drop-down menu.
    A page displaying permissions will be displayed within the Zoom Marketplace.
    Note: You need to remove the Microsoft Teams app and re-add it to Zoom if it cannot display the permissions page.
  4. You need to allow access.
  5. To do this, simply log into the Microsoft Teams account that you use.
  6. Under the permissions tab, choose the option “I accept these permissions on behalf of my organization”.

Enabling Zoom Phone features for Microsoft teams

  1. As the administrator of your Zoom account, you must sign in to the Zoom App Marketplace.
  2. Click the Manage button.
  3. Choose Microsoft Teams and click Configure in the following dialog box.
    A page displaying permissions will appear in the Zoom Marketplace.
    Note: It may be necessary for you to remove the Microsoft Teams app for Zoom and re-add it if a permissions page does not appear.
  4. Then, select Enable.
  5. Then, select I accept the terms and conditions.
  6. Make sure to choose Consent for your organization in this step.
  7. Once this step is completed, make sure to enable the Phone option.

How to configure the integration on Microsoft Teams

For all of the integration features, the steps below should be followed:

  1. Ensure that you are logged into Microsoft Teams as an administrator.
  2. Select Manage apps from the Teams Apps menu.
  3. You should be able to find Zoom there.
  4. You should allow Zoom to use the Teams Apps.
  5. Make sure the access permissions are set to allow Zoom to use the Teams Apps.
  6. Make sure the option Allow all apps is selected under Third-party apps.
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How to configure Zoom Phone authorizations

Zoom web portal

  1. You will need to become an account administrator, meaning you have permission to edit your account settings on the Zoom website.
  2. Click Account Management and then click Account Settings in the navigation menu.
  3. Click Zoom Phone in the window that appears.
  4. The Automatically Call From 3rd Party Apps toggle can be turned on or off by clicking the button.

Microsoft Teams

  1. Select the Zoom Phone tab from the drop-down menu.
  2. The Zoom account must be authorized to connect with the Teams account.
  3. To do that, click the box next to Consent on behalf of your organization.
    Note: It is necessary for the Microsoft Teams admin center to complete the configuration if this box is not checked.

Configuring permissions in the Microsoft Teams admin center

If, in the previous section, you managed permissions for your organization but Consent on behalf of the organization was not enabled, you will need to do this now.

  1. As the administrator of your Microsoft account, log into the Microsoft Teams admin center.
  2. Click on Manage apps, then click Teams apps
  3.  and then click Zoom.
  4. You will be taken to the Zoom page.
  5. Choose Permissions from the drop-down menu.
  6. Once the permission list has been reviewed, click Apply.

Use administrator options

Disable the Teams Video icon

If you follow the instructions in this article, you will be able to disable the native Teams video icon.

Add the integration for all users

If you want to add the integration to all users in your account, you can do so using the Microsoft Graph API. For details on the API, please consult this article.

Add and pin Zoom to the Teams toolbar

In order for all users to be able to see the Zoom app when they sign in, you can pin the Zoom app to the left toolbar before signing in.

  1. Click on Set up policies, and then click on Add apps.
  2. You will be able to find Zoom by typing it into the search box.
  3. Simply select it and pin it.

You have the option of selecting a specific user or group within your organization or specifying it globally. Teams’ policy for setting up apps can be used for this. Please see this article for more information.

How to use the Microsoft Teams integration

Use the Zoom tab

In the Zoom section, you can start or schedule a Zoom meeting with any other person in your organization who also has the Zoom app downloaded and added to their smartphone. You can find out how to start and schedule Zoom meetings in the Scheduling meetings section.

On the My Meetings page, you will find a list with all the meetings you are scheduled to attend or have been invited to attend. There are several options for joining meetings, deleting meetings, and copying meeting invitations.

Use the Zoom Messaging Extension

It will allow you to take advantage of all the following features with Zoom Messaging Extension:

  • Chats can be 1:1, group, or channel based.
  • You can also schedule Zoom meetings with this tool.
  • You can initiate calls with participants in one-to-one or group chats using Zoom.

Choose Start a meeting on the Zoom icon, schedule a meeting on the Zoom icon, or call the Zoom icon.

Use the Zoom Phone tab

Using Microsoft Teams, a participant can initiate a phone call with another team member directly within MS Teams without having to manually enter phone numbers into the Zoom client.

  1. Using the zoom phone tab, search for a contact by entering their name or enter their phone number directly in the search box.
  2. To initiate a call, click on the call button.
  3. You can redial a number in the contact history simply by hovering over it and clicking the “call” icon.
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Use the Zoom Meetings bot

Log out of the Zoom Meetings integration

  1. Using the Zoom Meetings bot, you will be able to access a channel.
  2. You can do this by typing @Zoom logout.
    Your Zoom account will be logged out as soon as this is done.

List all commands

  1. Please type @Zoom.
  2. Choose the Zoom Meetings Bot from the drop-down menu.
  3. You can use the help command at any time to see all the available options.

Start an instant meeting

  1. Typing @Zoom into the address bar will initiate a meeting.
  2. You can then choose Zoom Meetings from the drop-down menu.
  3. When the Zoom Meetings window opens, select Join Now.
    When the Zoom Meetings window opens, Zoom will open the Zoom application in your browser.

Start an instant meeting with a specific topic

  1. You can use @Zoom to contact Zoom.
  2. To do so, select the Zoom meeting you want to attend.
  3. Enter the desired topic in the topic box after the start.
  4. If you would like to join, click here.
    Zoom will open in your browser and you will need to be logged in.

Join a Meeting

  1. You will need to type @Zoom.
  2. You will need to click the Zoom meeting bot and enter the Meeting ID followed by join.
  3. To join, you will need to select click here.
    You will be taken to Zoom. The Zoom application will be displayed in your browser.

In the event of a cloud-based meeting recording, the BOT will post a meeting summary and a link to the recording once the meeting has finished.

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How to remove Zoom for Microsoft Teams

  1. As the account administrator, you need to go to Zoom App Marketplace and sign in.
  2. After signing in, you need to click Manage on the top right hand corner of the screen.
  3. Once there, click Added Apps from the navigation menu.
  4. Then, click the Remove button next to Microsoft Teams.
  5. You will receive a dialogue box asking you to confirm the removal.

Security and privacy

The following information is accessed and used by this app by Zoom:

  • Upcoming meeting: The meeting time, the topic, the meeting ID, the attendees, and the hosts of the meeting.
  • Meeting details for each meeting: The meeting will contain meeting topics, start times, durations, passwords, links to join, meeting invitations with joining instructions.
  • Meeting settings: Audio, video, password, enabling the meeting to be joined before the host, selecting the meeting ID upon entry, enabling the waiting room, allowing only authenticated users to join, adding additional data center regions for this meeting and enabling the recording feature.
  • Start a meeting: The link to join, the meeting ID, the topic, and the password.
  • Schedule meeting message: name, date, time, topic of the meeting, a password for the meeting, and a link to join the meeting.
  • User detail:username, last name, PMI, and type of user.
  • Meeting summary: The topic of the meeting, the meeting ID, the start time, and the length of the meeting.
  • Recording detail: recording link, password, topic etc.

Frequently Asked Questions


The Teams section does not have any options for you to choose from. In other words, you will not be able to adjust any of the camera’s settings on the camera beside the zoom settings, because you won’t be able to change the zoom settings on the camera.
Attendees can choose whether or not to use their video camera and microphone when they are joining a meeting for the very first time if they are joining it for the very first time. Alternatively, you could set the default to ‘off’ as well. The host or co-host is also able to turn the microphones and cameras on and off for the participants.
Click the profile picture on the left side of your screen and click Settings at the bottom. On the left-hand side, you will find a tab called Video. Besides giving you an option to select another camera, it will also display a preview video of the camera you are currently viewing as well as an option to select it again. There is, however, the option of changing the camera that you are viewing here as well, if you wish to change it from the one you are currently viewing.
When joining a Zoom meeting or starting one for the first time, you will be asked whether you would prefer to use the computer microphone or if you would prefer to use the microphone on your phone. There will be no one able to hear you until you click the button to “Join Audio by Computer” if you are using a computer microphone. If you do not click this button, you will not be able to hear anyone on the call.

Make sure that the device is working properly

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It is important that you ensure that the cable on your microphone is fully inserted into the correct port on the microphone if you are using a microphone cable. It may be necessary to unplug and then re-plug the Zoom device if it does not detect your microphone. You need to ensure that the device you are using is connected properly if it is a Bluetooth device. The microphone should not be muted if it is.

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