Transfer Zoom Meetings, Webinars and Cloud Recordings In Zoom App

The expected case is when deleting a user to which you belong.

How to delete a User

Transfer all meetings, webinars, and cloud recordings to other users.

You can specify only one user to transfer data. However, the user to be deleted and the user to whom data is transferred must be in the same account.

Users must have a Pro license to transfer cloud recordings.

Also, to transfer webinar data, you need to have a webinar license.

However, if a future meeting is scheduled with a personal meeting ID, this meeting can not be forwarded.


Requirements for transferring data

  • Account owner access if the user is an administrator
  • If the user is a member, account owner or administrator access

  • The quantity used is a user in the same account
  • Users with paid licenses to transfer cloud recordings
  • Users with paid and webinar licenses to transfer webinars


Cloud recording transfer method

If the user you are deleting is an administrator, you must first make them members. Learn how to change admins to members. Learn how to change an admin to a member.

  • User to search for the user you want to delete the data from.
  • Click [ More ] next to the name.
  • Click Delete.

  • 4. Check the type of data you want to transfer.
  • 5. Click Delete.