Zoom Messaging – Chat function outside the meeting, chat during the meeting


Change chat notification settings
Use chat mentions and slash commands
Creating and using channels
Send screen captures, files, reactions, or records
Use the announcement function in chat
What does the status icon mean?
[Owner] How to check chat history
[Administrator] Can the administrator check the encrypted chat history?
Can the administrator see the contents of the files exchanged by the users in the account via chat?
Send GIF with GIPHY
How to put a title on my profile? (Personal memo of chat profile)
I want to send a capture screen, send an image, and send a file via chat.
How to use channels (How to use group messaging)
Group message archive
I want to turn off call and message notifications right now.
Advanced chat encryption
Save chat during a meeting
[Administrator] Change the retention period of chat message history
Mark chat messages as unread
About the chat save destination during the meeting
Can I send a chat message to other participants during the meeting?
[Administrator] Message archive by global relay
Group message notification
Send code snippet
Replying and managing chat messages
Disable notifications from group chat (mobile)
[Administrator] Is the file sent in the chat during the meeting saved as a log?
About the number of participants in the created chat



Benefits of Zoom Group Messages (vs Google or Facebook Chat)


contact address
[Administrator] Link the account to the organization
Join a meeting automatically using the auto-answer feature
Contact information (Introduction)
What you can do with the directory (contact) function
How to add contacts



I can’t receive files via chat during a meeting on my smartphone, tablet or web browser
I can’t chat in-meeting during a meeting