Polling for Zoom meetings

Polling for Zoom Meeting allows you to create a poll question for your meetings that will allow you to choose between a single choice or a multiple choice answer. The meeting will include a poll that will allow you to gather the responses from your participants during the meeting. After the meeting you will also be able to download a report of the polling that has taken place. As an alternative to collecting participant information with your poll, you can conduct anonymous polls if you do not wish to do that.

In the polling report, which is available after the meeting by default, but can also be made available during the live session, you are provided with full details of what was said in the poll, such as each participant’s answers and time of submission.

In addition, advanced polls and quizzes can be created and launched.

It is also possible to create advanced polls within webinars as well as standard polls.

Prerequisites for polling for Zoom meetings

Note :  Mobile users on iOS or Android can participate in polling via the iOS or Android mobile app, but host computers must use the standalone desktop client in order to manage polling.

Limitations of meeting polling for Zoom Meeting

  • A meeting organizer by default is allowed to change or add polls during the meeting but other participants are not. A user which has been assigned the role of host or co-host can only launch the polls that already have been created if their role is transferred to that user. If the alternative hosts have access to the web portal and select this option when scheduling a meeting, alternate hosts can add or edit polls, provided the option is enabled in the web portal.
  • There is a limit of 50 polls you can create for any given meeting, and each poll can have a maximum of 10 questions.
  • The poll report will only display the last occurrence of the poll in case a poll was reintroduced during a meeting. You may want to consider creating a second poll to avoid launching the same poll twice with the same questions as the original. This will prevent you from having to relaunch the same poll twice.

How to add poll questions for a meeting

It is possible to create polling questions ahead of time, or to do them during a live meeting. You will be prompted to access the web portal to complete the process if you create or edit a poll during a live meeting.

  1. Sign in to the Zoom web portal by entering your email address and password.
  2. Click on the Meetings icon in the navigation menu.
  3. Select the meeting topic that you want to attend. You may also set up a meeting if you don’t have one already  webinar page. Here you will see a list of scheduled.
  4. You will find the Polls/Quizzes tab at the bottom of the page.
  5. If you would like to create a poll, simply click + Create.
    There are two options that are available when advanced polling and quizzes are enabled: Poll and Advanced Polling and Quizzing.
  6. Click on Poll.
  7. Select the Add to Polls/Quizzes library check box if you wish to add this to the library of polls/quizzes.
    In the final step of creating a poll, you will be able to save it to a library where you can access it during future meetings.
  8. Just click on Next.
  9. Then select the option Untitled Poll to change the name of the poll.
  10. Edit the following details in the question area by simply clicking on them:
    • If you wish to change the name of a polling question, click on the Untitled Question heading.
    • You can select the type of question by selecting the dropdown menu to the right of the name of the polling question:
      • Single Choice: Participants will be able to select only one answer out of the possible choices.
      • Multiple Choice: During the poll, participants will have the option of selecting multiple answers.
    • You can enter an answer for each choice by clicking on the blank space under each choice to let participants decide.
    • If you want to add more answer options, click on the + Add Choice button.
    • You can also delete the current polling question.
    • You can duplicate the current polling question and add more answer options.
  11. Alternatively, you can add an additional question by clicking Add a Question.
  12. Each of the questions as well as the individual answers to the questions can be rearranged as needed.
  13. Simply click on the following… button to have access to the following options:
    • Allow participants to answer questions anonymously: Participants in this poll will be able to choose whether their answers will be associated with their own identity or they will be able to provide anonymous responses.
    • Add to Polls library: You will be able to save your created poll to a poll/quiz library, where you can access it in the future and use it for upcoming meetings. You can view this item by going to “Meetings > Polls” on the home page.
  14. Click on “Save”.
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As part of the meeting, all questions will be placed under a single poll that will be launched when the meeting begins. It is possible for you to create additional polls so that you can ask questions at a separate time during the meeting.

How to use the Polls/Quizzes library

In the event that an administrator has enabled you to manage a central library of polls for meetings, you will be able to do so. Create and edit polls which can be used for meetings with Personal Meeting IDs (PMIs) and those without PMIs. Polls that are set to be available for all meetings will appear in the list of polls that can be launched during a meeting when they are marked as available for all meetings.

Note : 

  • The number of polls that you can enable for your meetings is limited to 10.
  • In order to access polls created in the central poll library during a meeting, it is imperative that you are running version 5.10.3 or higher.

Access the Polls/Quizzes tab

  1. Join the Zoom web portal by logging in.
  2. Select Meetings from the menu on the left side of the screen.
  3. Then, click the Polls/Quizzes tab.
    Note: When the tab under the polls tab is just “Polls”, then advanced polling and quizzes are not available.

Create a poll in the Polls/Quizzes tab

Create a first saved poll that can be enabled with all your meetings.

  1. You can find the Polls/Quizzes tab on the left side of the page.
  2. Click on the Polls tab.
    Note :
    There will be two options available to you if advanced polling and quizzing is enabled: Polls and Advanced Polls and Quizzes. 
  3. You can create a poll.
    The poll that you create will appear under the Polls/Quizzes tab once it has been created.
  4. (Optional) To enable your created polls for all your meetings, you need to click this toggle under Enable in order to make them active or inactive.
  5. You can create more polls by clicking the + Create button.

In the case of multiple polls displayed, the following information will be displayed: Name, Type (Polls, Quizzes, Advance Polls), Question(s) (number of questions), and Enable status of each poll.

Use actions for individual polls

You can select actions to be performed after you have created a poll in the Polls/Quizzes tab:

  1. You can edit your poll by clicking the pencil icon to the right of the poll.
  2. Whenever you see an ellipsis to the right of a poll, click on it.
  3. Depending on what you choose, you can either:
    • Duplicate: A duplicate poll will be created.
    • Delete: We will be removing the poll from our system.
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Use batch actions for multiple polls

The following actions can be selected after you have created multiple polls in the Polls/Quizzes tab:

  1. Select the checkbox next to the name you want to search for.
    All the polls' checkboxes will be selected when you do so.
    Alternatively, if you do not want to tick all the checkboxes for all the polls, you can only select those you wish.
  2. To perform batch actions on the polls that you have selected, you can choose from the following list:
    • You can disable polls for My Meetings by checking the following box: During meetings that have Enable set to On, all the toggles for the selected polls will be disabled so they will not be accessible to attendees.
    • Enable for My Meetings: If Enabled is selected for your meeting, you'll be able to toggle between the toggles for the polls in your meetings.
    • Duplicate: Duplicate the polls that were previously selected.
    • Delete: This will result in the deletion of the selected polls.

Filter the Polls/Quizzes tab

By selecting the dropdown menu All Types, a selection of filters will be displayed. By using Polls, Advanced Polls, or Quizzes, you can sort your polls/quizzes.

How to launch a poll in a meeting

It is not possible to make polls available to meeting participants immediately because the host must publish a poll for them to respond to. If you wish to create these polls ahead of time or you desire to create them whilst the meeting is in session, you will need to create them in the web portal.

  1. Set up the polling feature in the Zoom meeting that has been scheduled.
  2. Simply click the Polls button on the meeting control panel.
  3. If more than one poll was created, select the poll you would like to launch from the top of the polling window.
  4. Then click Launch.
    In the next few minutes, you will be asked to answer a few polling questions by the participants in the meeting. A live feed of the results will be available to the host.
  5. At the conclusion of the poll, the host can choose to end the poll.
  6. Clicking on the three dots will give you access to the following options:
    • Re-launch Poll: This will relaunch the poll.
    • Note :  There is a possibility of a poll being relaunched at a meeting, but the poll report will only show the last occurrence of the poll. Consider creating a second poll with the same questions as the original one if you know you will need to run the same poll twice and want both sets of results instead of launching the poll again.
    • Download results: You will then be directed to the default web browser of your computer, and you will be able to download the entire poll report, in which each choice is displayed rather than the percentage of each choice.
    • Note : Please contact Zoom Support if you wish to make use of this feature.
    • View Results from Browser: The regular web browser is launched and the same polling results appear in the web page you are viewing.
  7. To share the results with the meeting participants, you need to click on Share Results.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Polling questions for meetings can be created either as single choices or multiple choices. The poll can be launched during your meeting and the responses will be gathered. After the meeting, you can also download the polling report.
Ensure you have the privilege to edit account settings in the Zoom web portal by signing in as an administrator. Select Account Management and then Account Settings from the navigation menu. To access the Meetings tab, click it. To enable or disable Meeting Polls/Quizzes, click the toggle under In Meeting (Basic).
Polling questions can be created for webinars using single-choice or multiple-choice options. During your webinar, you can launch a poll and collect responses. During and after the webinar, you can download a report of polling results.
Would you like to extend the time of your Zoom meeting? Zoom's free plan has a time limit, which we will explain in this article.
2. Without Upgrading to a Pro Account
  1. Step 1: Schedule a Zoom meeting. ...
  2. Step 2: 'END' the Meeting. ...
  3. Step 3: Leave the Meeting for the Time Being. ...
  4. Step 4: Restart the Meeting.
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On the app's home screen, click the Schedule icon after opening and signing into Zoom. Make sure you know when and where your meeting will begin, as well as when it will end. To save your scheduled meeting, select Other Calendars under Calendar.
1. Zoom meetings can have how many participants? All of them appear at once on my screen? Your meetings can accommodate up to 100 video participants (including the host) if you have a Basic/Free, Pro, or other paid account.
There is a limit of 40 minutes for group meetings under a Zoom Basic license, but a typical class session usually lasts for a lot longer. When instructors are limited in Zoom, how can they teach? Simply click on the same meeting link after the meeting times out to restart it after 1 minute.
The 40-minute limit on Zoom free meetings can be extended by using a specific trick by people with free accounts. Set up your meeting by opening the Zoom app and clicking the Schedule button. Select Automatically generate Meeting ID in the Meeting ID settings. Select Other Calendars from the Calendar option.

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