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This article explains how to use H.323 or SIP devices to join an instant meeting through email invitations, instant messaging invitations, browser, Zoom desktop and mobile apps, landline or mobile phones. You

Before you begin

In addition,  here you can test the connectivity to the Zoom from.


Join from Windows and Mac

    1.  [ Participate in the meeting and choose]. Note: You can join the meeting with or without signing.



ID number and name. Select [ Join ] if

you want to connect by voice or video.

Reference: If you do not want to connect to audio or video, check “Do not connect to audio” or “Turn off my video” and click [ Join ].

oin on iOS and Android

  1.  [ Participate in the meeting and choose].Note: You can join the meeting with or without signing
  2. Enter the meeting ID number and name, and select [ Join ]. Connect audio and video by default.

Join in a web browser

  1. Open any browser (Chrome, Safari, IE / Edge, Firefox)
  2.  Access
  3. Enter the meeting ID provided by the host / host.
  4. Click [ Join ].

Join by clicking on the URL in the email or invitation

  1. You can join by clicking on the  URL link in your email or calendar invitation
  2. You can move to the screen below and join with the client, web browser and mobile app.
  1. Option a: Click here to open the Zoom launcher (Zoom app) if the app is already installed.
  2. Option b: Download Zoom and click Run to download the Zoom app / Zoom client.
  3. Option c: Click here to start a meeting in your web browser without installing the app.

    If you use mobile
    , the app will launch automatically and join the meeting.
    ※ If you have not installed the app, you will be prompted to install the app, so install the app and click on the URL again to join the meeting. Please refer to here for
    how to install the app .

Join from the chat screen and the contacts of the app

Online (if using Zoom desktop client or mobile app)

You can send meeting invitations from other users from the instant messaging (chat) screen.

You will hear a ringing tone and receive an incoming message notification that indicates who is calling. Select Accept
to join the meeting with the person you are calling .

<Notification image on PC / Mac>

< Notification image on mobile>

When joining from the telephone

  1. From the phone,  dial the conference call number listed in the invitation.
  2. If you are using a touch-tone (DTMF) keypad, enter the conference ID number when prompted

Note : If you have already joined the meeting using a computer, you can enter a 2-digit participant ID to associate it with the computer. If you are not participating on the computer, when prompted for the Participant ID, press “#” again to join with the Participant ID.

 Join using H.323 / SIP connector

  1. Dial the IP address provided in the meeting request (requires port add-on for room connector).
  2. Enter the meeting ID in touch tone (DTMF), and then enter “#”. Alternatively, you can join the conference directly using a dial string such as # 000111000. For more information, see Getting started using the cloud room connector.


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