Administrator- Set up Zoom Rooms using Google Calendar

When calendar resources are integrated with Zoom Room, the meeting room’s TV display, controller, and scheduling display will show the meetings scheduled for that meeting room.

You can schedule a meeting in Zoom Room by inviting the Meeting rooms are assigned as calendar resources through the calendar service.

Organization members can allow users to start and join meetings with one touch by giving Lou Zoom access to calendar resources.

Actions required by a Google administrator to enable the addition and authorization of Calendar Services for Zoom Rooms

  • Create a dedicated user on Google that can manage calendars
  • Create or search calendar resources used by each Zoom Room
  • Provide dedicated users full access to each calendar resource


  • Admin access to Google account

Preparing to integrate with Google Calendar

  • Sign in to your Google account as an administrator.
  • Create a dedicated user who can manage calendar resources.
    For information on how to add this user, please see the Google support article “Add users individually” .
  • Create or search a calendar to be used in each Zoom Room.
    For instructions, see the Google support article Add a calendar resource .
  • Open the calendar app.
    Check that calendar resources for each room are displayed under My Calendar.
  • Navigate to the calendar resource for Zoom Room, click the arrow to the right of the name and select Share this Calendar .
  • Details will share the calendar using the page.
  • In the [ Share with specific people ] section of this page, enter the email address of a dedicated user who can manage calendar resources.
  • Select [ Make changes AND manage sharing ] from the permission setting menu .
  • Click Save .
  • Repeat steps 5 and 6 for each calendar.
  • Sign in to your Google account as a dedicated user who can manage calendar resources and open the calendar app.
  • Register all available calendar resources in Zoom Rooms.
  •  Click [ Other calendars> Browse Interesting Calendars ].
  • Click More, and then click Resources for < your_organization > .
  • Click Subscribe in each room column .
  • Add Google Calendar Service to Zoom Account
  • Sign in to your Zoom web
  • portal with your Zoom credentials. Please note that these credentials require Zoom Rooms privilege.
  • Calendar integration to select], [ add a calendar service and click].
    The Select Calendar Service dialog will be displayed.
  • Click [ Google Calendar ].
  • Select the email address associated with your organization’s shared calendar service. If you do not see a dedicated calendar service user , click Use another account to add your credentials.
  • Click Allow on the confirmation page . This grants Zoom permission to manage calendars in dedicated user accounts.
  • The added calendar resource is displayed on the calendar service page.

See Add Zoom Room for information on configuring calendar resources in Zoom Room .


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