How to Count the participants of Zoom Rooms (Administrator)

Zoom Room can automatically count the number of participants in your Zoom Rooms and display the number of participants on the dashboard. If you enable this feature, you must ensure that you are in compliance with local regulations and laws, notify you as necessary, and obtain your consent.


Procedure  to Count The Participants of Zoom Rooms for Administrator


Enable the function to count the number of participants in the room

To enable this feature for all Zoom Rooms in your account , follow these steps: You can also enable this feature for a location, floor, or individual room. Learn more about changing location-based settings.


  1. Log into the Zoom web portal by entering your Zoom account information.
  2. Navigate to the Room Management tab and then Zoom Rooms.
  3. Choose Account Settings.
  4. The Meeting tab will appear.
  5. Toggle the switch next to Count people in the room if you wish.
  6. Review the terms and click I Understand when you are ready to agree.
  7. Click Enable if a verification dialog appears.

Display of the number of participants in the room

  1. To access the Zoom web portal, you will need to sign in.
  2. On the top navigation bar, click Dashboard.
  3. From the list of options, choose Meetings.
  4. From the list of options, click Past Meetings.
  5. You can view the in-room attendance of a meeting by clicking on the ID of that meeting.
  6. The number of attendees will appear next to the name of the room in the meeting details section. The icon of the attendee will appear with a line next to it if the attendance count was not available.

Describes how the attendee count feature temporarily stores information about attendees in Zoom

Windows and macOS

In order to generate a temporary participant count when using the attentee count feature for Zoom Rooms, the Zoom room computer will temporarily store and count images of attendees. A temporary copy of these images is temporarily stored in the following places:

Windows: %appdata%\ZoomRooms\logs\FaceCount

macOS: ~/Library/Logs/ZoomRooms/faceCount

The following conditions must be met in order for these files to be removed:

  • Upon completion of the meeting or counting.
  • As soon as the Zoom Room is closed.
  • As soon as the Zoom Room starts up.
  • As soon as the Zoom Room stops.

Appliances available for Zoom Rooms

In order to retrieve the participant count for Zoom Room Appliances, the Zoom Room Appliance uses an API to query the Appliance firmware. Zoom Rooms does not use images to count participants.

How to do a Real-time People Count for Zoom Meeting

The hardware listed below is required to count people in Zoom Rooms in real-time.  Zoom Rooms currently does not provide real-time functionality and instead relies on the hardware from these manufacturers.


Note: Zoom Rooms version 5.5.0+ is required to support Real-Time People Count.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Click on the number in the “Participants” column (2) to view a list of participants. Each participant’s name and time of joining and leaving the meeting will appear on Zoom. It is possible to export the list of participants from the meeting as a . csv file so that you can keep a record of it.
Creating a Zoom meeting is as easy as opening the Zoom app and creating a Zoom meeting. The “Gallery View” tile icon will appear at the top left of the meeting screen when you touch it. You can switch to gallery view by tapping the icon. There are now options for displaying up to nine or sixteen participants at the same time.
When enabled in the settings, Gallery View displays up to 49 participants per screen, up from 25 by default. It is highlighted in Gallery View when there is an active speaker. There will be an arrow next to the icon if the number of participants exceeds the per-screen limit.
Zoom is available for iOS and Android (opens in a new window). Start a meeting or join one by opening the app. The Active Speaker View is displayed by default in the mobile app. The Gallery View can be accessed by swiping left from the Active Speaker View.
Choose Speaker or Gallery from the View menu in the top-right corner. It may be necessary to change your window’s size to accommodate all 49 thumbnails if you are displaying 49 participants per screen.