About recording audio and video files when recording in Zoom App

If you save the cloud

My Account My Recording ( https://zoom.us/recording ),

A meeting topic is created.

The name of the meeting topic is

Host Name’s Zoom Meeting


・ Meeting Title ※ When editing the meeting title

The following three types of files are saved.

・ Shared Screen with speaker view (mp4 file) ※ Movie

・ Audio only (m4a file) ※ audio only

Chat file (txt file) * Limited to chats in a meeting

When saved locally

In the C: Documents Zoom folder,

YYYY-MM-DD HH.MM.SS Host Name’s Zoom Meeting [Meeting ID]

Folder will be created and the following files will be saved.

・ Audio_only.m4a (audio file)

・ Playback.m3u (video file)

・ Zoom_0.mp4 (video file)

Chat.txt (chat) ※ Only when you chat in the meeting

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