Can I hold a co-hosted meeting in Zoom?

What is a concurrent meeting?

A meeting host is to hold multiple meetings at a given time.

You can not hold multiple meetings at the same time

Having a co-located meeting can have undesirable effects on that particular co-located meeting. 
In the following, we will explain how to join a meeting where the “Join before Host” feature is on .

If the “Join Before Host” feature is turned off, participants can not join the meeting.

  • When participants try to attend a co-hosted meeting

Participants will see the message “There is another meeting in progress.”

If the host tries to hold another meeting

You will be prompted to end the ongoing meeting: “There is an ongoing meeting. Please end it to start a new meeting.” If the host chooses to end the ongoing meeting, participants in the first meeting will see the message “This meeting has been closed because a new meeting has been started on this account.” It will be.

  • When joining on an H.323 / SIP device The host already hosts another meeting. When the device joins, you will be prompted to enter a meeting host key.

  • If you try to join in Zoom Rooms
    The ongoing meeting ends without warning.

If you create multiple meetings at the same time, please note that the above event occurs.