How to Upgrade Zoom to the latest version

In order to release new features and fix bugs, Zoom releases new versions of its desktop client and mobile app regularly. To receive the best video and audio experience, we recommend upgrading when the latest version is available.

To stay updated on the latest Zoom changes, check out our release notes to see what version you’re currently running.

How to download the newest Zoom changes

Upgrade the Zoom desktop client for Windows, macOS, or Linux

If a new mandatory or optional update is published within 24 hours following the login, Zoom notifies the user with a pop-up message.

The Zoom desktop client may already be installed on your computer. If so, check for updates:

  • Zoom will download and install the latest version if there is one.
Note :By default, the desktop client is disabled by default if it was installed by your team or you using the MSI installer. The Zoom account administrator or your IT team will be able to assist you.

You can also download the latest version manually by:

  • Go to and click the link.
  • You can also access the following directly:

Upgrade the Zoom mobile app for iOS or Android

Zoom is available on Google Play and the App Store.

Get it on Google Play Download on the App Store

Note: When there is a new update, Zoom displays a mobile notification.

Types of Zoom updates

A web-only update, a mandatory update, and an optional update are three types of updates.

  • Web-only: New fixes are available from the web portal for download, which have been tested, and are available for download.
  • Mandatory: After you click the update button, these updates will begin automatically. After you click the update button, these updates will begin automatically.
  • Optional: Once you click the update button, these updates will begin automatically. If you decide to postpone the update until later on and manually update at a later time, you can still proceed.
Note : The next time you login, you will be prompted to update only if you choose to postpone taking part in the optional update.

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If A Problem Occurs After Installing The Latest Version Zoom Client Application

Frequently Asked Questions


Android devices

Launch the Google Play app on your Android device. Once you have tapped the menu icon, select ‘My apps and games’. You can update your Zoom Cloud Meetings app by tapping ‘Update’ in the app’s menu.

Why will my Zoom not update? There may be a situation where Zoom desktop client (app) cannot be updated, and in that case it needs to be uninstalled and reinstalled. The Zoom app can be uninstalled using the uninstall tool if the upgrade did not succeed, and then it can be reinstalled using the uninstall tool if the upgrade did not succeed.
A standard installation package (EXE, DMG) by default has automatic updating enabled, whereas a mass distribution package for managed systems (MSI, PKG) has no automatic updating enabled. In the desktop client settings, it is possible to control this manually. You will need to sign in to the Zoom desktop application. You can do this by clicking the profile picture, then clicking the settings button.
Using the Zoom desktop client, you can sign in from a Windows PC, a Mac, or a Linux computer. The easiest way to do this is to simply click your profile picture, then click Help, and then click About Zoom. If you click on the Zoom Desktop Client icon, you will be taken to the Zoom desktop client.
Using the Zoom desktop client, sign in to your account. Check for updates by clicking the picture of your profile then clicking the Check for Updates button. An older version of Zoom will be downloaded and installed if a newer version is available.
Version 5.0 was released as of April 27, 2020
Although I am not sure if you have noticed this, the Zoom Meetings App is available in both 32 bit and 64 bit versions. In general all of us are aware of the fact that 64 bit versions of any app run better and are more efficient than 32 bit versions of the same app. When a 32bit program is run on a computer, it will only be able to access 4GB of RAM at the same time.
Your mobile device must be equipped with the Zoom app, which can be downloaded from the app store. When you are in a meeting, once you click on More in the lower right-hand corner of the screen, you will be taken to a new screen. For android users, click on Virtual Background (and iOS users, click on Background & Effects). Once you’ve selected the Blur option, you can now move on to the next step.

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