Enabling window compositing for IGEL in Zoom

In window compositing, each window is allocated its own buffer and each application can operate independently on it. The output from these buffers can be composited by a window manager on a common desktop in order to show the output from them separately. Along with the rest of the desktop environment, it can have a significant impact on how the buffers are displayed and interacted with. It is necessary to select certain configuration options for IGEL thin clients to enable window compositing.


  • Administrator privileges
  • VDI setup with IGEL thin clients

Enabling window compositing locally

Use the following command on the IGEL machine’s terminal to execute the following command:

Parameter windowmanager.wm0.variables.usecompositing = true

Enabling window compositing remotely

  1. Launch the IGEL Universal Management Suite.
  2. Select the IGEL machine that needs to be configured and edit it:
    Navigate to Configuration > System > Registry > Parameters
  3. Using the window manager.wm0.variables.usecompositing checkbox, select Use compositing.
  4. Once you have selected this, click Apply.