How tou se push-to-talk in zoom App

Using push-to-talk

You have the option to remain muted because of the push-to-talk feature for the duration of your Zoom meeting. You will need to hold down the spacebar to become unmuted and start talking again.

You can learn about all of the control options available for a host or for an attendee.

Push-to-talk requirements before you can use it

  • Version 4.1.23108.0402 or later of the Zoom desktop client for Mac OSX
  • Version 4.1.23108.0402 of the Zoom desktop client for Windows should be installed

 Enabling push-to-talk

  1. In order to access your Zoom desktop client settings, you will need to click on your profile picture on the left side of the screen.
  2. Click on the Audio tab.
  3. To temporarily unmute the microphone, select the option Press and hold the ‘Space Key’.
  4. Your microphone will now be unmuted temporarily. Your settings can now be closed.

How to use push-to-talk

The spacebar can be used if you want to talk in a Zoom meeting and the Zoom window is focused when you are muted when in a Zoom meeting. A message will display on your screen to indicate that you are temporarily unmuted. The microphone will turn green when you speak.

Note: If the host has disabled the capability of unmuting participants with push to talk, then it won’t be possible for you to unmute yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I speak in Zoom meeting on my phone?

Just click on the microphone or camera icon to switch either of them on or off. We suggest you keep your mic muted when you’re not speaking to prevent background noise that may bother other participants. Mute a participant: This feature is only available to a host — the person who starts a meeting.

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What is tap to speak in zoom?

Among the many prominent taps on the screen you will see one that enables you to unmute the microphone. You can return your microphone to mute by tapping the Done Speaking button on the right side of your screen.

Why is my mic not working on Zoom?

The easiest way to enable App Permissions on Android is to go to Settings > Apps & Notifications > and then enable it. If you are using a Mac, click on System Preferences > Privacy > Microphone and make sure Zoom is checked. You can allow apps access to your microphone by clicking Start > Settings > Privacy > Microphone. Make sure Zoom is listed under Allow apps to access the microphone.

Does Zoom unmute automatically?

In order to protect the privacy of other participants, the host cannot unmute them without their consent due to security and privacy concerns.

Can I test Zoom by myself?

If you don’t have enough time to test your video and audio before joining a Zoom meeting, it is also possible to test them while you are in a Zoom meeting. You can join a test meeting using your Zoom mobile app by going to, then follow the instructions to test your audio or video if you are using the Zoom mobile app.

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