Frequently asked questions about the new Zoom payment address for check payments

Frequently asked questions about the new Zoom payment address for check payments

A recent email notification was sent to Zoom customers notifying them of the upcoming relocation of Zoom’s payment lockbox. The email message in this case is correct, but both the name of the recipient and the payment address appear to be incorrect.

Note : 

Essentially, all that is required is a change in payment address location, and no new W9 is required.

Pay by check at the following address: Please make sure that you mail your payments to:

  • The company Zoom Video Communications, Inc. was established in 2004.
    Postal address: PO Box 888843
    in Los Angeles, California 90088-8843

As of November 5, 2021, this change will become effective. I request that you update your AP systems to reflect the above new address in order to ensure prompt payment processing.

What happened?

An email was sent out to customers alerting them to the change in the address where payments should be sent for checks. This was the official Zoom email sent to you this morning, as on November 5, 2021, our new payment address will be changing from San Francisco to Los Angeles.

It was not until after the email had been delivered to customers that we were informed that the Zoom company payment name and address were incorrect.

Was this a SPAM/phishing attempt?

It is not. Although the email message did contain an error regarding Zoom’s name and address, it was not a phishing email or scam, it was a legitimate attempt to contact Zoom. If your address has changed, you will need to report this to the company for all future check mailings, although your name and address will not be included in the original email to notify the company.

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Is Zoom changing its name?

The name of the company is not going to change. Our company name remains Zoom Video Communication, Inc.

I haven’t seen the email yet. What is the new payment address?

Unless otherwise stated, the correct address and name are as follows:

  • Zoom Video Communications (ZVCI), a well-known public company
    P.O. BOX 888843
    Los Angeles, CA 90088-8843

Do I need a new W9 since Zoom changed its address?

In this case, there is no need to generate a new W9. Since the address of our corporate office is not going to change, we do not need to create a new W9.