How to change background in Zoom on iPhone

During the conference, you can change or download to your iPhone or iPad online the situation behind the speaker. This feature is very useful, for example, during a business meeting, when you are at home or in a cafe, that is, not at the workplace.

So that nothing distracts your interlocutors, colleagues, you can put a picture that will overlap everything that is behind you. Below is how to make a background in Zoom on an iOS phone.

How to change in Zoom on the phone

Step-by-step plan on how to change the background in Zoom during an online session:

  • We open the application;
  • Go to settings, click “Conferences”;
  • Then “Save virtual background for”.
  • Select “All conferences” or “Only the current conference”.

To check, go to the main menu of the application and start the conference further:

  • Click “More”;
  • Select “Virtual background”.

Upload or choose from the proposed images. On the phone, during the online lesson, you can add no more than 3 pictures.

It’s so easy to turn on a virtual background in zoom on an iPhone, and just as easy on an iPad. A program has not yet been developed for android, but you can use it on a computer, read the article here on how to leave and change on a PC.

“This option works on iPhone 8 and later models.”

This option can be not just a beautiful picture for a conference or lesson, but also an advertisement for your brand, for this you need to upload an image of a logo or name to Zoom not in a text file, but as a picture.

So, for example, Ikea advertises itself, the brand has created its own backgrounds, you can find them in the public domain and download for free. They are ideal for replacing home life with warm comfort.



Can I use a video as a Zoom background on iPhone?

Why can’t I change my Zoom background on my iPhone?

Double-Check That You Have The Feature Turned On

Meeting Settings is where you should go if you are a member of the account, while My Meeting Settings is where you should go if you are an administrator of the account. To activate the function, click the Meeting tab, navigate to the Virtual Background option, and then toggle the status switch.

Why does my Zoom not have virtual background on iPhone?

The following steps should be taken if your virtual background does not appear when you begin a meeting: You can access your account by logging in at Zoom.Us. Navigate to the Settings option on the left. Turn on Virtual Background by going to the In Meeting (Advanced) section.

Which phones support virtual background in Zoom?

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