How to Edit My Zoom Meeting Details

To customize the pre-populated invitation text that appears in your calendar invite so that it matches your needs, you may select to add additional information to it or even provide a link to your privacy policy.

Note : 
There will be no effect on the meeting if the edits are made while it is still in progress. For the changes in the agenda to take effect, the meeting must be ended and restarted.

Adding or removing invitees is as simple as following these steps:

  • You can also add or delete attendees from your calendars remotely (Add Guest to your calendar or To: your calendars if you do not already have them).
  • It is unnecessary to make any changes to the Zoom meeting from the Zoom scheduler.

On the Zoom client, click on the meeting you wish to edit:

  • Select the Meetings, Upcoming tab, then click on the Edit button when you have found and selected the meeting.
  • The meeting can be started at any time as long as it is available for editing, so it can be used to update the meeting time. However, this is not required as the meeting can be started at any time.