How to hide My Video during a Zoom meeting

During a meeting in which you are the only participant, your video will automatically display to you, as well as all the other participants. You can hide yourself from view if you want to, so your own visible video display will disappear from your screen, so you can see more of others on your screen.

Here are the steps you need to take to hide the video on your own display:

  1. You can start a Zoom meeting or join an existing one. Zoom begins in Speaker View by default, so you will be able to see your own video during the meeting.
  2. The ellipses icon is displayed when you hover over your video. Click it to display a menu and choose Hide Self View.
    Even though there are others present in the meeting who are able to see your video, you no longer see the video of yourself.
Note :  You will still be able to see the video feed of the other participants during the meeting.