How to know the application of port requirements in Zoom App (TCP / 8801, 8902, 9090 UDP / 3478, 3479) in Zoom App


The ports that need to be opened in Network Firewall Or Proxy Server Settings For Zoom are 80/443/8801/802.

Please tell us the usage of 8801/8802.

Also, in case of Zoom Rooms environment , according to Firewall Configuration For Zoom Rooms

I use TCP / 8801,8802,9090 and UDP / 3478,3479. Please tell me the purpose.


protocol port Use
TCP 8801, 8802 Channels for commands and signaling to start calls
TCP 9090 Direct communication between the Zoom Rooms control PC and the Rooms controller
UDP 3478, 3479 Data channel used to transfer video, audio, screen sharing

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