How to use auto-answer for Zoom Rooms

This post was most recently updated on July 28th, 2022

The Zoom Rooms feature has now been enhanced to provide the ability to automatically connect to users when you call them directly from another Zoom Room or contact in your account. By enabling this setting, you will also be able to automatically control the far-end camera when the setting is enabled.

Prerequisites for using auto-answer

  • Access to edit Zoom Rooms is granted to a role with this permission
  • Version 4.6.0 or higher of Zoom Rooms is required.

How to enable auto-answer for a Zoom Room

In order to enable auto-answer to Zoom Rooms for a specific user, follow the steps below. If you would like to enable this for a particular location or floor, you can do so as well. Discover how to make changes to your settings based on the location where you are using your device and how to perform these changes.

  1. The Zoom web portal can be accessed by logging into your Zoom account.
  2. Then click the Zoom Rooms button under Room Management.
  3. The first step to enabling auto-answer in a Zoom Room is to locate it and click on Edit.
  4. Go to the Meetings tab and click on it.
  5. To turn on Automatically accept incoming calls and to control the far end camera, click the toggle button next to the option.

How to enable auto-answer with auto-unmute

  1. Make sure that the Zoom Room auto-answer feature is enabled.
  2. You will need to check the box next to the Automatically unmute option.
  3. Save the file by clicking on the Save button.