How to Make Changes to a Scheduled Zoom Meeting

The Meeting ID is generated for each and every meeating that is scheduled. The invitation for the meeting is automatically pasted into the calendar invitation when the meeting is exported to your calendar.

As you proceed through the invite process, you will have the opportunity to edit or add to the pre-populated invitation text in your calendar invite to fit your needs, for example, including more information or a link to your company’s privacy policy.

Note : 

There will be no effect on the meeting if the edits are made while it is still in progress. For the changes in the agenda to take effect, the meeting must be ended and restarted.

Understanding Meeting ID

Meeting IDs are numbers assigned to meetings. There is a unique ID that is included in each Zoom meeting invite.

Meeting IDs: Important information:

  • After you have scheduled a meeting, you can begin it whenever you like.
  • An ID for a meeting that is not recurring must be renewed after 30 days from the last start date or scheduled start date. The same meeting ID can also be re-started within 30 days.
  • 365 days after the last meeting is held, the recurring meeting ID expires. The meeting ID may be reused in the future.

How to reschedule a Zoom Meeting

  • Rearranging a meeting is as easy as updating your schedule on your calendar if you need to reschedule.
  • Unless the rescheduled date is more than 30 days from the original date, it is not necessary to update the meeting or calendar on Zoom.
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How to add or delete invitation attendees

  • From your calendar, you can add or remove attendees (To: or Add Guests).
  • The Zoom scheduler does not require any updates.

How to edit your scheduled meeting on the Zoom client

  • On the Upcoming tab of Meetings, find the meeting that you want to edit, then click Edit.
  • Using this image, you can update the meeting time as well, but this is not necessary as you can start the meeting at any point as long as it is available for editing.