How to understanding my invoice in Zoom App

Understanding your invoice

If you choose to subscribe during the subscription period, you will receive an invoice that lists the products included in your account’s subscription and their quantity, price, and any taxes that will be applied.

See the information in the article regarding viewing your invoices if you would like to find out more information regarding how to view your invoices.

Your invoice details

As you can see in the top-left of the invoice, you have the date the invoice was generated (Invoice Date) along with the Invoice number (along with the Invoice number plus the Invoice number), as well as the account number, currency, account name, and address. Finally, you have the billing contact, the sold to contact, and the email address.


We would like you to be aware that the contact email address that appears on your invoice and that is sold to appears to be different from the account owners’ email address or from the one you usually use for logging in.

Your invoice has a number of sections that include a variety of information. Just to the right of the invoice number boxes are sections for tax exemptions, remittance information, and shipping information. You will then be directed to Zoom’s form that requires you to provide your W-9 information.

In the Charge Details section of your account for free users, you will be able to see a list of all your products, as well as a comparison of their prices, and in addition to that, you will notice a period of time associated with each charge or period.

You can write this number down as your invoice’s total, which includes your Subtotal (without tax), your Total (including tax), and any amounts remaining after that. This is your invoice balance, which is the amount you are currently owing on the invoice.


The total amount for your invoice may include (including tax) in parentheses as follows: If you see any amount in that bracket, then that is the amount you gain for using the promotion. Whenever you pay your outstanding invoices through our autopay program, our autopay program will apply this credit automatically towards future invoices. You will receive the credit on your next invoice. It is necessary to get an invoice number for the purpose of opening a billing ticket in order to apply a credit to a Net terms purchase invoice.

You can find a breakdown of the tax details under the Tax Detail section, which allows you to access which of your products had tax charged to them, what type of tax it was, as well as the amount of tax charged.

You will find that at the bottom of the invoice, as soon as a payment or credit has been made or applied to an invoice, there will be a Transactions section. Located here, you will find the information regarding any payments, credits, or refunds that have been made in relation to this invoice, including details such as payment date and amount.

Additional resources

It is possible to change who receives your invoice by following these instructions if you need to.

Please refer to the following tax resources if you require any additional tax-related information.

Please review the following links if you have any questions regarding overages:

  • Zoom (Zoom Phone)
  • allows you to conduct audio conferences
  • Cloud recording

We will be able to help you out with the invoice if you contact us by chatting or calling our Billing department.