In the event of an increase in active users during an Active Host License contract in Zoom

If you want to register the number of accounts that exceeds the number of licenses purchased with Active Host License,

Users can be added as basic users (basic).

For example, if you purchase 8,000 users, the 8,001st user can not be licensed as a paid license user (Pro user). Users can be added as a basic user (basic).

Account lock does not occur.


When a user is added as a basic user (basic),

You can host the meeting, but there is a time limit to the meeting you are holding.

One meeting will last up to 40 minutes.

However, administrators can assign Pro licenses to new users by changing the assignment of user licenses from Pro to basic users (basic).

Frequently Asked Questions

Licensed users can host unlimited meetings if they have a paid account. For additional capacity, large meeting licenses are available for meetings with more than 100 participants. Customize Personal Meeting ID is available to licensed users.
You can access Billing by clicking Account Management in the navigation panel. The Interested in Other Plans section can be found on the Current Plan tab. Select the license you wish to purchase and click Add to Cart. You can choose whether to pay monthly or annually for the number of licenses you need.
You will need to assign a license to a user after purchasing one from Zoom Sales or Billing. There is a limit of one license per user. If a user has multiple licenses of the same type, such as Webinars and Large Meetings, the licenses will not compound or stack.
If the meeting is already underway, the co-host can be promoted without being a licensed account. When the meeting is scheduled, you can also select the “Join Before Host” feature. Rather than requiring the host to initiate the meeting, anyone can join.
Zoom’s 2022 statistics are listed below. A total of 350 million people participate in Zoom meetings every day. There were 485 million downloads of Zoom in 2020 alone. Platform customers number nearly 470,000.
How to add a new user
  1. Zoom’s web portal can be accessed by signing in.
  2. You can access User Management by clicking on Users in the navigation menu.
  3. You can add a new user by clicking Add Users.
  4. User information should be entered. The user’s email address should be entered. …
  5. Add a new entry.


Your current plan, billing, and invoice history are available on the Billing page of the Zoom web portal. Subscriptions and payments can also be updated.
Zoom requires that we re-verify your eligibility each year after your first year of access ends to continue offering the Zoom Meetings Pro Plan Bundle. Zoom will convert your subscription to full retail price if you do not reconfirm your eligibility in time.
The user licenses Zoom. Our EULA prohibits sharing accounts with others. You will need to purchase a license for your colleague as well.