Educating from home in Zoom App

I would suggest that you consider the following hardware configurations as options for distance learning devices that you can use to engage with your students on a one-to-one basis from your desktop. There will usually be a fixed laptop or computer with a webcam, which will have integrated speakers and a microphone that will be connected to it. The use of audio headsets can be substituted for speakers and microphones when desired. Besides USB document cameras and shared tablets, other additional devices may also be included, for example, whiteboarding and document sharing devices. To organize your content and share specific components, a secondary monitor may be helpful if sharing computer-based content is crucial.

Essential hardware


  • Detailed recommendations are available in Recommended System Specifications


  • This is the Dual Bundle option for the HP Envy 27″ Monitor


  • C930e or Brio by Logitech

Audio System:

  • Options for headsets:
    • Refer to the list of USB HID devices supported
    • Recommended:
      • Wireless Zone Plus by Logitech
      • Jabra Evolve2 65
  • Wireless Mic & Speaker Options:
    • Microphone via USB
      • (MXL AC44, black)
      • Model ELGATO WAVE
    • This is a pair of desktop speakers that are integrated into a desktop computer

Optional hardware

USB Document Camera

A secondary camera can be used to share physical documents or objects as well. You can connect the camera directly to your computer using a USB cable and share the view of the second camera.

  • Hertzcam Solo 8+

Digital Writing

Using annotation tools is a great way to enhance the learning experience when sharing content with others and whiteboarding or marking up the content to enhance your students’ abilities

  • Apple Pencil + iPad
    • Use Airplay or cable to share iPadOS content
    • Through the MacOS sidecar and screen sharing features
      • Whiteboards and shared applications can be dragged to SideCar and marked up with Apple Pencil
  • on Surface or Surface Pen
    • with so you can wirelessly share your tablet with others.