Moving numbers between accounts In Zoom App

A number can be moved from one account to another manually and will require the assistance of the Zoom Porting Team in order to be completed.

Prerequisites for moving numbers between accounts

  • There needs to be enough licenses available for the account where the numbers are going to be moved
  • From the owner or administrator of the account
  • From which the numbers will be moved
  • Moved including both account numbers (from and to)

How to request a number move between accounts

Please send the following information to ;

  • Here are the numbers you want to move
  • Based on the account numbers they come from
  • In addition to the account numbers they are going to
  • Based on the requested time and the time zone relevant to the movement


  • As much as possible, we will try to accommodate your request as soon as possible.
  • Numbers that are moved will no longer be assigned to you. When the move is complete, an account owner or admin will be required to reassign the phone numbers to the new addresses.

How to check available phone licenses

  1. Log in to the Zoom website.
  2. Select Phone System Management from the menu. From there, you need to select Users & Rooms.
  3. You will then be able to select Phone Numbers from the Plan Details section.
    You will then be able to see all available phone licenses (far right column).