Outbound calls blocked or tagged as spam in zoom App

It is possible that the recipient of your call on Zoom Phone’s outbound feature will block your call or flag it as spam simply because your call originates from Zoom Phone. This article provides general tips that will assist you in making sure your calls will not be blocked or marked as spam by the system.

Reasons why calls from your Zoom Phone number are being blocked or tagged as spam

Call blocking programs are increasingly being implemented by carriers as a measure to protect consumers against abusive robocalls.

According to AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile, in the United States, they are blocking and tagging as spam any calls that they believe follow robocalling characteristics, such as high-volume, short-duration calls that originate from a single number.

Below is a list of other reasons you may be unable to make a call

  • Third-party database services used by the receiving party block your call; for instance, Nomorobo.
  • If your number is blocked by the recipient, it may be that they use a third party phone service which has filters or rules in place that effectively block your calls. They might, for example, exclude all calls from certain prefixes.

How to ensure calls from your Zoom Phone number are allowed by wireless carriers

You can proactively request to have your outgoing caller ID number accepted by the wireless carriers in order to ensure that your outbound calls are not classified as unwanted or fraudulent calls.

You may be subject to a fraud charge by cellular carriers if you frequently and briefly call clients to remind them of appointments using your Zoom Phone number.

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Your receiving party’s phone number may be allowed if you know their carrier. A robocall database service, such as Nomorobo, may also be used by the recipient. You must allow the service to use your phone number.

You can contact the following telephone companies and robocall database services for information on US carriers and robocalls:

US carriers

  • HIYA/AT&T/Wireless/Call Protect
  • TNS/Verizon/Wireless
  • Sprint
  • Is T-Mobile.
  • US Cellular

Robocall database services

  • Namerobo
  • UseYouMail

Analytics providers

  • Transparency in calls
  • Provides access to analytics providers who support US carriers’ major networks (Free Caller Registry)

Additional troubleshooting

Please open a support ticket with three detailed examples of calls where outbound calls have been rejected as spam so that we can investigate further. Our current telephone system has rejected the following outreach method as spam: outbound dialing. If you require further assistance, please open a support ticket. For each example of a call, you will need to include the following information:

  • This is a call from:
  • This is a call from:
  • The date is:
  • The time (in your timezone) is: