Recovering a deleted phone number In Zoom App

Whether you want to recover deleted, accidently deleted, or previously owned phone numbers, the Zoom team will investigate the issue, and more often than not, they will be able to retrieve the number.

Prerequisites for recovering a deleted phone number

  • Ownership or admin privileges of the account
  • Where you wish to retrieve the numbers

How to recover a deleted phone number

Send the following information to;

  • Email subject line:┬áRecovering your number
  • Please enter your Zoom account number (found on the profile page of your account)
  • This is the number you need to enter
  • What are the reasons for removing these numbers from your account (deleted on accident/delete as they are not required etc.)?

When Zoom receives the request, we will review it and try to retrieve the numbers.


  • Number recovery is limited to a small window. Within 30 days of removing/deleting a number from your account, the number becomes available for other Zoom customers.
  • In the event that your company number needs to be changed, you can keep the old company number while replacing the main company number.