To make a full screen at the time of screen sharing in Zoom meeting App

Zoom is designed to have a very simple but useful interface. There are two display modes: video layout and screen sharing layout.


How to Adjust Video Layout during Zoom Meeting?

In video layout, Zoom is optimized for video display and desktop display.

To make it full screen, double-click the screen or click Start Full Screen in the upper right corner.

During Zoom meetings, you’ve got a bunch of ways to tailor your video experience, making it feel just right for you. Here’s the lowdown on the layout options:

  • Customized Video Layouts in Zoom Meetings:

    • During Zoom meetings, users can enhance their visual experience by customizing video layout options.
    • These options allow you to tailor your view based on preferences, accommodating different meeting scenarios.
  • Video Layout Options Without Screen Sharing:

    • Speaker view: Focuses on the active speaker, highlighting the individual currently talking.
    • Gallery view: Displays multiple participants in a grid format, offering a comprehensive view of the attendees.
    • Immersive view: Creates a virtual background, providing a unique and visually engaging meeting environment.
    • Floating thumbnail window: A compact window that can be moved around the screen for convenient participant monitoring.
  • Where are the Screen Sharing Layout Options in Zoom?

    • Speaker view: When someone shares their screen, you can choose to maintain the Speaker view, emphasizing the screen-sharing participant.
    • Side-by-side mode: Enables simultaneous viewing of the screen share and the gallery of participants, fostering a balanced visual experience.
  • Flexibility in Viewing Modes:

    • Fullscreen or windowed mode: All layouts, except the floating thumbnail view, can be utilized in either fullscreen or windowed mode, offering flexibility based on user preference.
It’s important to note that all these layout options are adaptable to both fullscreen and windowed modes, except for the floating thumbnail view, which is exclusively available in windowed mode. These customizable layouts contribute to a seamless and tailored virtual meeting experience

How to Switch the Full-screen meeting window in Zoom?

In a screen-sharing layout, the zoom automatically switches to full screen to optimize the display of the document or presentation.

To exit full screen, double-click or press Esc.

To access fullscreen mode in previous versions of macOS, click the Meeting and Enter Fullscreen button located in the Top Menu bar.

Adjust settings

To change the full-screen settings in the Zoom client settings, configure them on the General tab of the Content Sharing section.

How do I use the Zoom floating thumbnail window?

Through the use of the floating thumbnail window, you are able to reduce the main Zoom window while still maintaining the video on top of any other apps that you have loaded. You have the ability to move the window about your screen as you see fit, or you may completely conceal the video.

For the floating thumbnail view, you can switch to:

  1. To minimize the window, click the icon that is placed in the top-right corner of the screen for Windows and in the top-left corner for macOS.
  2. After you have the movie in mini-window mode, you may collapse it by clicking on the arrow that is located on the left side of the screen. Repeatedly clicking the arrow will cause the video thumbnail to enlarge.
  3. While you are in this mode, you can quickly mute or unmute yourself, as well as switch on or off your video by hitting the  and button that corresponds to turning on or off your video.
  4. Simply clicking the arrow on the right side of the Zoom, window will allow you to exit the floating thumbnail pane and return to the main Zoom window.

FAQ( frequently asked question):

How do I share a full screen in Zoom meetings?

under the control of the meeting. Use the screen. A notification will be displayed on your screen by the Android system, advising you of the content that the screen share will be able to access. To verify, tap the Start Now button.

How do I maximize my shared screen on Zoom?

Performance Enhancement for Full-Screen Video While having a shared screen

  • While you are participating in a Zoom session and sharing your screen, select “More” from the toolbar.
  • Please enable it by clicking on the “Optimize Share for Full-screen Video Clip” button.
  • As you begin to share your screen, begin playing your video right away.
How do I enlarge a shared screen in Zoom?

In the Zoom Settings > Shared Screen menu, you will find the option to customize the Share Screen settings. From this menu, you will be able to change the Window Size when sharing your screen and uncheck the box that says “scale to fit shared content to Zoom window.”

Why can’t I share my whole screen on Zoom?

Please ensure that the capability for sharing the screen is turned on.

If you are a host and the screen sharing setting on the web portal Settings page is grayed out, it indicates that the setting has been restricted at either the group or account level to prevent users from sharing their screens. You will need to get in touch with the administrator of your Zoom account in order to allow it.

What is the shortcut for full screen in Zoom?

F11 is the Windows keyboard shortcut that you should know if you frequently use full-screen mode. If you plan to use full-screen mode, you should remember this shortcut. Within the top row of the keyboard is where you will discover that key. You may enter full-screen mode by pressing the F11 key once when the application you want to use is open and in focus (choose the window you want to focus on).

What is the Zoom screen size?

The default resolution for zoom screen sharing is 1080p.

In a screen-shared image, this indicates that Zoom is able to provide a vertical resolution of 1080 pixels, which is equivalent to 1920 pixels in width and 1080 pixels in height.