Unmute zoom participants and promote them to panelists

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Role change and unmute of audience (participant)

During the webinar, you can promote the viewer to a panelist and turn on audio, video, or screen sharing. You can also unmute the participant without promoting the viewer to a panelist.

  • The viewer of the promoted
  • Demote panelists to viewers
  • Unmute the participant


  • I have a webinar license
  • To unmute a participant, both the host and the participant must be joined on a Mac or PC, Zoom client compatible with version 4.1.8826.0925 or later.

To promote your audience :

  1. Select Participant .
  2. Click [ Viewers ]
  3. Place the cursor on the name of the attendee you want to promote, and click Details .
  4. [Panelists to Promote  and choose.

Demote panelists to viewers

  1. Select a participant.
  2. Click [Panelist] .
  3. Place the cursor on the name of the panelist  you want to change to attendees and click Details .
  4.  Select Change Role to Audience .

Unmute attendees

  1. Select Participant .
  2. Click [ Viewers ] .
  3. Click Allow Talk .
  4. At this point, the viewer can unmute himself and be able to speak on the webinar.


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