How to Use a Virtual Background in Zoom for iPhone 8 and Later Models

  1. Start Your Zoom Meeting:
    • Join or start a meeting on Zoom using your iPhone.
  2. Accessing Virtual Background Settings:
  • During the meeting, select Details in the lower bar.
  1. Selecting the Virtual Background Option:
    • Choose Virtual Background from the menu.
  2. Choosing Your Background:
    • You can select from the default backgrounds provided by Zoom.
    • Alternatively, use the [+] button to choose and upload your favorite photo from your iPhone.

Note on Virtual Background Persistence

  • Once set, the virtual background will be saved for future use.
  • This means you don’t need to reset it for each meeting; it will automatically apply once you’ve set it up.

Content Overview

  • Topic: Using Zoom Virtual Background on iPhone.
  • Purpose: To enhance engagement in video calls with fun or professional virtual backgrounds.
  • Compatibility: Works on iPhone 8, iPhone SE, or better. Not functional on iPhone 7 or older.
  • Account Requirements: Can be used with or without a Zoom account.

Setting Up Virtual Backgrounds

  1. Enabling Feature in Zoom Account:
    • Host’s account must enable virtual backgrounds in settings for meeting participants.
  2. Using the Feature on Mobile App:
    • Sign in to the Zoom app or enter a meeting ID.
    • Once in a

meeting, click on the menu icon in the corner.

  • Select “Virtual Background” to launch the preview monitor.
  • Choose or upload a new background.
  1. Managing Background Images:
    • Upload up to three images for your background.
    • Add new images by clicking the plus icon and selecting an image.
    • Remove an image by selecting it and clicking “Remove”.
  2. Adjusting for Best Display:
    • Vertical orientation might not fit the background image properly.
    • Switching to horizontal orientation shows more of the virtual background.
    • Decide the best setup for your meeting context.

Additional Tips

  • Using a Phone Tripod: To avoid holding the phone, consider using a phone tripod adapter for a hands-free experience.
  • Optimal Meeting Experience: Choose the orientation and setup that works best for you.