Zoom payment methods

Zoom payment methods

You can pay using a check, wire transfer, EFT and ACH if you want to make manual payments to Zoom.

Payments can be made with Zoom using credit or debit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, SEPA Direct Debit, or ACH.

Prerequisites for Zoom payment methods

You must be set up with an existing direct sales quote to be eligible to pay via one of the manual payment methods or through ACH. You can contact Sales if you are unsure at this time if your account is eligible.

Autopay vs. Manual Pa n order to pay via one of the manual payment methods or ACH, you must either be set up with a direct sales quote already or Contact Sales to see if your account is eligible.

Autopay vs. Manual  y

Paying by autopay:

Invoices with the billing information on file are automatically paid on their due date, regardless of whether they are early or late. The currently available forms of autopay are credit/debit card payments, PayPal payments, and payments made through an ACH account.

Paying a manual employee:

Generally speaking, invoices are typically issued with terms for the payment of a net amount (such as a Net 30). Please feel free to contact your dedicated Account Executive if you have purchased a subscription through a direct sales quote. We are happy to assist you in changing your account terms to manual payment. Purchasing online is a great way to get the lowest price but if you are looking for manual payment, you will need to contact sales. Various methods of payment are available for manual payments, including check payment, wire transfer, EFT, and ACH.

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Payment Methods

Those who have configured manual payments will be able to see remittance information on their invoices once they have been set up. You can contact your dedicated Account Executive if you require additional information related to the submission of your manual payment.


Your invoice will contain the address where your check should be sent, so please refer to it. If you need additional information in order to submit your manual payment, please contact your dedicated Account Executive.

Wire/bank transfer and EFT

You can find information about this on your invoice. You should contact your dedicated Account Executive if you require any additional information to proceed with your manual payment.

Ajax Cache HTTP

Once you have contacted Sales or your dedicated Account Executive to set up your account, you can proceed through the following steps to set up your ACH payment. The ACH option will only be available if your account is eligible for ACH. Please note that at this time, ACH as described below is only available for US accounts with a currency of USD.

  1. Log into the Zoom web portal by using your Zoom username and password.
  2. Once the Zoom web portal has been accessed, you must select Billing from the Account Management menu.
  3. You will be directed to a tab called Billing Information.
  4. Click the Edit button once you arrive at the Payment Method section.
  5. Then select ACH/Bank as the payment method and enter your banking information.
  6. If ACH is not an option, the Account Executive assigned to you for assistance will be able to assist you.
    An informatory pop-up will appear as soon as we receive the micro-deposit, informing you of next steps to be taken. Also, you will receive an email reminding you to verify your account as well as a notification on your Billing page that reminds you to verify your account. Micro-deposits are sent out within one to three business days from the day they are requested.

      • Be sure not to use a dollar sign as this will cause your deposit to be rejected.
      • The maximum number of times you may attempt to verify your account is limited to four. If you exceed that number, an error message will appear and you will need to repeat the process.
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It is that simple. Once your payment method has been set up successfully, you will be able to edit your payment method or choose another bank account to use for ACH payments.

Once you have signed into the Zoom web portal, you are ready to make an ACH payment. On your invoice, click the Account Management section, then just scroll down to Invoice History and click Pay Now.

You may also see an option to enable automatic payments if you use ACH as your payment method. If you choose this option, your current terms (Net terms or Due Upon Receipt) will be maintained, but your invoices will be automatically paid when they are due based on the ACH information that you provided.

It is possible for a customer outside of the United States or the United States Dollar to submit a payment via ACH by contacting your bank.

Credit/debit card

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Apple Pay

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SEPA Direct Debit

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