About cooperation with security group on AD in Zoom App

◆ Currently, the security group divides regular employees and indirect employment in AD. If you decide to distribute Zoom accounts to indirect employers in the future, can you link AD’s security group with Zoom’s group and work with the function restrictions set for each Zoom’s group?

Zoom Attached to the security group on AD on Zoom, assignment to Basic and Pro is possible.

◆ If you decide to distribute the Zoom account to indirect employment while using it, can you link the AD security group and the Zoom group and work with the function restrictions set for each Zoom group?

Provisioning in conjunction with AzureAD (addition / deletion of ID) can be realized by the following method.
・ Only registration on AD side, ZOOM side can add
/ delete ID automatically ・ About user list output from AD side from user side and user list acquired from Zoom side by Zoom API, compare from AD list Extract lost users. It is possible to delete by making this extraction processing part deletion processing.


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