Administrator- If “linked account” is an account with SSO authentication only, can I transfer data to a new email address when the email address changes in Zoom App

When changing the sign-in email address

Sign-in email address is same as login ID of SSO authentication infrastructure.

You will be recognized as a different user and will sign in as a new user.

In this state, data will not be taken over and you will start using it in a new state.

When transferring data from an old user to a new user

  1. Before deleting the old user, do the following:
  2. Check “Migrate data to another user before performing this process”.
  3. Enter the email address of the new user you are migrating to and delete it.Note: Changing email address is based on authentication base.

About data that can be taken over

  • Scheduled future meetings
  • Scheduled future webinars
  • Cloud recording file

About data that can not be handed over

  • Profile photo
  • PMI (Personal Meeting ID)