Administrator- Guidelines for vanity URL request for Zoom Account

With vanity URL

Access URL to Zoom account functions such as branding and single sign-on service.

The vanity URL must meet the following requirements.

Note: If you have already set the vanity URL, please contact Zoom support to make changes.
Before setting the vanity URL 


  • Business license,


education license, or API plan

  • Have account owner or administrator rights

Guidelines and requirements

  • You can apply for vanity URL in your account profile .
  • The vanity URL must match the company’s domain name.
    For example, ” example .Com” is ” example should be applied to”.
  • You need the length of the vanity URL is 4 or more characters
    , for example, (Https: // 1234 .Zoom.Us)
  • Vanity URLs should contain only letters, numbers, and dashes (“-“).
  • Vanity URLs will be notified within 1 to 2 business days.
    Notifications will be sent to the email address of the user who requested the URL.