How to do Branding with Zoom App

This post was most recently updated on July 23rd, 2022

With branding

Create a custom page, users of the company Https: // Yourcompany .Zoom.Us you can from your vanity URL, such as to be able to start or join a meeting.

You can also customize the email invitation template.

Requirements for Branding


  • Business license,


education license, or API plan

  • Vanity URL approved
  • IT / Webmasters familiar with HTML / CSS

In the beginning

  • If not set a vanity URL ,
    Https: // Success .Zoom.Us to apply for a vanity URL such as.
    The vanity URL  must conform to the vanity URL request guidelines .
  • When the vanity URL is approved , select Branding

Upload images

  1. Branding Access the image and upload the image you want to use, such as a logo or background.
  2. Select Upload Image and select the desired image.
  1. This gives you easy access to the images you need to customize your page.

Logo, header, footer settings

  • You will need to access the
    branding header / footer to set the header and footer for the landing page and all subpages . Warning: Editing the landing page header and footer overwrites any changes you made to the branding header / footer .
  • Logo: Copy the required image from the uploaded image and set the company or specific logo.
    Paste the URL in the Logo URL text box and click Save.

Header: Edit HTML in the box labeled Header HTML and set the required information in the header.
Add or remove as much information as you need.
Be aware of the amount of space available.
If you want to change this information, be sure to copy the logo URL and change the logo URL in this box.
When finished, click Save.

The created content is displayed in the vanity URL.

Header example:

Custom CSS

To add custom CSS, you must follow one of two options.

  • Landing Page Custom CSSTo add custom landing page CSS,  you need to add style tags to HTML at . <style> This is in the <head> section of your CSS landing page HTML </ style> This CSS applies only to landing pages.
  • Custom CSS for all other pagesTo change the CSS for all subpages, go to (this does not change the CSS for the landing page). Here you can customize common elements such as body text, headings and links. To do this, click Edit next to the element for which you want to change the CSS.
  • You can also use the input box labeled Custom CSS to make general CSS changes.

Note: Many customization processes require you to look at the HTML of the landing page to find the id of a particular element and edit the style specifically .

Landing page

  • The landing page is the company’s main page, accessible via vanity URLs.
    This page can be changed, such as changing the logo and details of the details. Or you can completely redesign the look of the page.
  • To change the appearance of your landing page  , visit Branding Landing .
    Note: If you want to completely redesign your look, we strongly recommend that you have experience with web design, HTML , CSS , and other web technologies. The process is quite complicated.

Email invitation template

  • Customize email invitation template with branding email .
  • In addition, Custom Emails Variables you can find more information.

Sample branding

If you would like to see a sample, please refer to Sample Branding .