Administrator-Zoom Webinar report creation

There are five webinar reports.

  • Registration Report: Displays a list of registrants and registration details.
  • Participant Report: Display the details of each participant.
  • Performance report: View engagement statistics for registration, participation, and feedback.
  • Q & A Report: Display the questions and answers from the webinar.
  • Voting report: View a poll report for each participant.

Participant reports, performance reports, Q & A reports and voting reports are available after the end of the webinar.

Before creating a webinar report

The target period is a report for the past 6 months and this month.

Webinar report creation procedure in Zoom

  1. Log in to your account, click the Reportstab, and select Webinar.
  2. Select a report type.
  3. Select a webinar.
    You can search by webinar period or webinar ID.
  4. Click Create CSV Report to createa report.

For more information, Webinar Reporting Please refer to.


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