About the developer of App for Zoom App AD linkage

You can also check from the Azure marketplace, but the creator is Zoom.

Use Azure AD to manage user access and enable single sign-on with Zoom. Requires an existing Zoom subscription.

* Enterprise Single Sign-On-Azure Active Directory supports rich enterprise-class single sign-on with Zoom out of the box. Users sign in using their organizational accounts hosted in Active Directory.

* Easy Configuration-Azure Active Directory provides a simple step-by-step user interface for connecting Zoom to Azure AD.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who developed Zoom?

Eric Yuan

In April 2019, Eric Yuan founded Zoom, a video communication tool that went public. During the Coronavirus pandemic, Zoom use spiked and its usage hasn’t leveled off yet. In 2007 Cisco acquired the video conferencing company WebEx from Insight Technologies, where he previously held the position of manager for WebEx.

What platform can zoom app link to?

There are multiple platforms available with our solution, including video, audio, and wireless screen-sharing across multiple platforms. Zoom is available via the Zoom Download Center for MacOS, Windows, Linux, as well as Chrome PWA, which allows you to download the Zoom desktop client, as well as the Zoom mobile app, for iOS and Android devices

What is Zoom mobile app coded in?

Technology stack for Zoom Video App: The combination of platforms/tools/languages needed to run Zoom Video App. For iOS applications, Objective C and Swift development tools and Java and Kotlin development tools are required for the back end. For Android applications, Android SDK and Apple Code development tools are required.

How do you integrate apps with Zoom?

Click on the Apps tab when you open Zoom and you will see all of the available apps. This can also be found on the toolbar of your next Zoom Meeting. If the Zoom Apps icon is not visible in the meeting toolbar or desktop client for some accounts, it may be necessary for the account administrator to enable the Zoom Apps icon in the account settings in order for it to appear there.

Is Zoom a software or application?

The Zoom Meetings software program (commonly shortened as Zoom and stylized as Zoom) is a proprietary video telephony software system developed by Zoom Video Communications, a provider of videoconferencing services. The free plan allows for up to 100 simultaneous participants, with the time restriction set at 40 minutes.

How many types of Zoom Apps are there?

In addition to Zoom’s widely used enterprise apps, we are developing new apps for consumers as well. These new apps range from whiteboarding to project management to note-taking to video games. We will be publishing more Zoom Apps soon.

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