Camera/video unavailable on Mac OS for Zoom

You can try the following steps to resolve the issue if you are running Mac OS 10.7 and are having problems with your camera.

Instructions for camera/video unavailable on Mac OS 10.7

  1. Select Go from the menu in Finder.
  2. You will then be able to choose the Go to Folder option.
  3. Click on the /Library/QuickTime/ icon that appears in the list of options that appears

  4. and then click Go.
  5. Click on the files below, and then click Delete.
    • Sonix SN9C201 WebCam.component
    • Sonix SN9C102p WebCam.component
    • DesktopVideoOut.component
    • VideoGlide.component
    • 3ivxVideoCodec.componen
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