Zoom Beta version features and installation method

About Zoom Beta

The new Zoom client will be updated in January 2019. Signing up for the Zoom Beta Program gives you the opportunity to preview future features. We plan to update regularly before public release.

About new features

Home Screen

・ Clear appearance and operability
・ You can see the next scheduled meeting, click it to start / join the
meeting ・ Personal meeting ID under “New meeting” (Personal meeting ID) Display
・ Customizable background image
・ Selectable search function (contacts, messages, files, channels)
・ Click on personal settings and set status message.


You can set a star mark in one window view ・ Message (contact, channel, message)
・ New personal space called My Notes
・ Unread message is an optional
channel (previous “group”) that can be rearranged on top
You can change the theme (shades) of the sidebar by setting notification and unread number display –
Display a button to start the meeting in the text input box


-You can access to future schedule and My Recording-If
you click “+” and schedule a new meeting, it will be linked to the calendar-
“Recorded” tab is linked to the cloud recording. You can share the recordings, recordings and transcripts that you have in My Recording.

Directory (formerly “contact“)

・ Improved sorting of contacts ・ Improved
user’s channel list
・ Click “+” to add contacts using email address, create channels and invite members.

For more information, check Mac And Windows Client Beta .

Next is how to access the beta version.

  • Click zoom.us/beta.
  • Click [ Download for Windows] or [ Download for Mac],
  • Click the downloaded “Zoom_4.3.0_1219.EXE” file.
  • ” Do you want to run this file? Because you asked,” ” run and click”.
  • The installation will begin.
  • Click “Sign In”.
  • Enter your email address and password to sign in.
  • You are signed in. Please enjoy.
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Please check here for more information.



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