Screen sharing in full screen in Zoom App


Zoom is designed to have a very simple but useful interface.
There are two display modes: video layout and screen sharing layout.


In video layout, Zoom is optimized for video viewing and desktop viewing.
To make it full screen, ” double-click the screen ” or click the Full Screen icon in the upper right corner (or ” Start Full Screen “)

Screen sharing

In a screen sharing layout, Zoom automatically switches to full screen and optimizes the document or presentation display.

To exit full screen, double-click or press Esc .

Setting adjustment

You can change the full screen settings in the Zoom client settings under the ” Generaltab “.

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Frequently Asked Questions

From your meeting controls, click Share Screen to share your screen or content.
  1. When zooming in, a full screen view will be automatically switched to optimize the shared screen view. …
  2. Adjust your desktop client’s Window size when screen sharing behavior to disable automatic full screen viewing.


The way to adjust the size of each view is to hover over the boundary between the shared screen and the video of the participants until you see a gray line separating the two views. To change the size of each view, click and drag the gray line as necessary.
Edit Your Zoom Screen Sharing Settings

The issue may be resolved by setting your shared screen’s frames-per-second to a lower value. Launch Zoom and click on your profile picture. Select Settings and then Share Screen. Check the box that says Allow remote control of all applications.

Double-click the screen or click Start Full Screen in the upper right corner to make it full screen. To optimize the display of the document or presentation, the zoom automatically switches to full screen when using a screen sharing layout. Press Esc or double-click to exit the full screen.
Zoom screen sharing is 1080p by default.

Zoom can offer a maximum of 2,073,600 pixels per screen shared image (1920 width x 1080 height = 1080 pixels in a screen shared image).

Single-monitor setup with slide show in full screen

Using the Zoom meeting controls, click Share Screen, select your monitor and click Share. Open the PowerPoint file you want to present.

You can start or join a meeting or webinar. Click on Chat. If you want to change who you are sending this message to, you can click on the drop down next to To:. If you want to send a local file, click File, then click Your Computer.
Participants in Zoom meetings can’t see your screen without your permission or knowledge. Set up a Zoom meeting and you can’t share your screen with others.

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