Request or give remote control in Zoom Meeting App

When using the remote control function

  • You can control other participants’ screens during the meeting.
  • You can request or give remote control of other participants’ screens .
  • If you need management features, such as the ability to restart other participants’ computers , see Remote Support Session .


  • Zoom Desktop Client for Windows, Mac, or Linux
  • IPad with Zoom Mobile App

Request remote control function

You can request remote control from a host or participant sharing your screen .

  1. While viewing the screen share of other participants, click the Display Options drop-down menu at the top of the window during the meeting .
Remote control request Select], [ request and confirm by clicking].

The organizer or participant will see a notification asking if they want to allow screen control.

  1. Click inside the screen share to control the participant’s screen.
  2. To stop remote control, click the Display Options drop-down and select Relinquish Remote Control .

Give remote control function

If the participant is on iOS or Android, the
participant can remotely control the screen using his mobile device.

While sharing the screen , click [ Remote Control ] and select the participant for whom you want to give control.

  1. Participants can click anywhere on their screen to initiate control.

  2. Click anywhere on the screen to regain control .
    Other users can resume remote control by clicking on their screen.

Hint: You can click Stop Sharing to regain
control and prevent other participants from resuming remote control.

Remote control using mobile device

Participants sharing the screen with the Zoom desktop client can use remote control.

When joining a meeting on an iPad or Android device, you

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can not request remote control or perform remote control.

  1. After the participant has given control, tap the remote icon to start remote control.
  2. Use these features to control the participant’s screen:

・ The mouse icon shows the position of the mouse pointer.
Tap and drag the mouse to move the pointer.

-Tap once and left-click the mouse.
· Press and hold the right mouse button.

• Tap the keyboard icon to enter text.

・ Pinch with two fingers to enlarge or reduce the user’s screen.

Hint! You can use your mobile device sideways to make it easier for participants to share your screen.

For more information on this article, please refer to Request Or Give Remote Control .


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